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Dark Embrace – The Call Of The Wolves Review

Released by: 7 Hard Records

Release date: 10 November 2017

Genre: Gothic Doom

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Snowy Shaw – Drums

Oscar Rilo – Vocals

Alejandro Melchor – Guitars

Julio Díez – Guitars



1. Memories

2. Time Will Tell

3. The Call Of The Wolves

4. Proud Of You

5. Let The Blind To See

6. Dark Embrace

7. Love Is Not Lost

8. Angels From Hell

9. Metalhead Till I Die


The Spanish band, Dark Embrace, after a break of nine years, with the release of their album “The Call Of The Wolves”, via 7 Hard Records label have proven to be in really good shape. Maybe because I love wolves, the artwork is very appealing. However, wolves seem to symbolise the essence of the absolute freedom and being at one with the wildness. Such a great piece of artwork on the cover of the album should not surprise you, as the creator is none other than, Gustavo Sazes. Gustavo did other amazing work which included the likes of Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel and Kamelot. The album artwork really sets your expectations for this album.

The album contains eight brand new tracks. The lyrics are shaped in the darkness of the band’s music. This album sends a clear message, “Dark Embrace has returned!” And with Snowy Shaw on drums, anything is possible, even more. I would like to remind you all Snowy featured in Mercyful Fate, Dream Evil and worked with the great King Diamond! Need I say more?

Founded in 2000, Dark Embrace is influenced by dark subgenres of Metal. The band produced three demo works from 2000 to 2004: ‘Raven’s Blood’ (DEMO TAPE), ‘Bitter End’ (DEMO CD, ‘Doomed By Life’ (PROMO CD), ‘The Rebirth Of Darkness’ (ALBUM CD).

“The Call of the Wolves” is pure melancholy, with hints of melodic death, power and a lot of gothic influences. Which I must admit, makes it unique take on the genre.

“Time Will Tell” is one of the powerful, forceful songs on this album. Which seems like a heavier version of The Sisters Of Mercy. In “Let’s Blind To See” the darkness plays an important role. “Love Is Not Lost” is an attractive track which draws you in with the voice of Oscar Rilo. He provides a piece of absolutely rich doom goth atmospheres. As you will, almost like a march towards to the infinity.

The title track, “The Call Of The Wolves” provides a sense of pure desperation, with the vocals and the music makes for a perfect sound. While “Angel From Hell” is a heavier song, putting the goth aside, and picking up the classic heavy metal style.

“The Call Of The Wolves” is a very well structured album. It features the decadent and dark sounds for lovers of this genre. The songs are extraordinary in their composition. The music and lyrics together with the great Oscar Rilo make this album a unique interpretation of the genre. To say the band is unique is an understatement. The inflamed guitars of Alejandro Melchor and Julio Díez give the right touch to this album. This album is filled with the genial sounds that bring brilliance and dominance to the metal landscape.


Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Ratings: 8/10

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