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The Wild – Wild At Heart Review

Released by: eOne

Release Date: Out Now!!

Genre: Hard Rock




Dylan Villain – Vocals/Lead Guitar
The Kid – Guitars / Backing Vocals
Boozus – Bass/Vocals
Reese Lightning – Drums



Ready To Roll
Livin‘ Free
White Devil
Another Bottle
Best In The West
Six Hundred Sixty Six
Rattlesnake Shake
Run Home
Down At The Bottom
Kansas City Shuffle


‘The Wild’ are a bunch of hell-raising Canadian rockers who have just supported Airbourne on tour …. A match made in heaven or hell (in a most excellent way) whichever way you look at it. The band consists of Dylan Villain – Vocals/Lead Guitar, The Kid – Guitars / Backing Vocals, Boozus – Bass/Vocals and Reese Lightning – Drums, the names alone make you want to buy this album just to see if their photos have numbers along the bottom. ‘Wild at Heart’ is their debut album.

The vivacious opener of ‘Ready To Roll’ is the perfect antidote to a wet and windy afternoon in Devon (which is where I am listening to it from). Pure rock n roll at its finest with a heavy, honky-tonk backbeat from Reese Lightning on the skins, just instills the feeling that I should be having a wail of time whoop-whooping along the freeway on the back of a Harley, rather than sitting in my woollies at my computer.

Track 2 ‘Livin Free’ is the archetypical rocker anthem with strong vocals and harmonies from the boys combined with raunchy stripper guitar and raw drums and that leads us nicely into ‘White Devil’ which is a treat for ACDC fans with those Aussie boys influence apparent in the intro and the ‘Dirty Deeds’ panting in the background to go alongside the tribal drumming. Excellent track indeed!

‘Another Bottle’ is a cheeky little number with fantastic guitar chord changes … great vocals which are clear and concise from Dylan, but yet, still sticking it to ya with rock n roll relish! Fab drinking song!

Fast and furious is a good way to describe ‘Best in the West’, this track has a great heavy groove and again the superb drumming really comes through. Great track to mosh to right down at the front of the stage ….again this has a hint of ACDC combined with excellent musicianship and awesome guitar. Favourite track so far.
This garage rock drumming is really getting to me, in a great way and ‘Six Hundred Sixty Six’, with its fast-paced great temp, has bags of it … I love the sound of Lightning’s skills on the skins throughout the whole album ….it makes it raw and dirty, a real treat!

‘Rattlesnake Shake’ is not a cover of The Crue … but a much heavier fast-paced rollicking good track with oodles of awesome vocals and exceptional lead guitar from Villain. ‘Run Home’ has the tempo of ‘Nightcrawler’ ….raunchy, sexy and atmospheric! Great use of harmonies again ……stick it on if you are having a REALLY late night/ early morning after the night before …

The last two tracks are ‘Down At The Bottom’ … another kick ass tune from the boys and then the finale with ‘Kansas City Shuffle’ where intricate fretwork abounds, leave no room for doubt that The Wild …are indeed just that and will make you desperate to see them live when they are next here in the UK. 9 out of 10 ….Fiercely fuelled with fun, mischief, and balls … The Wild are basically everything you would ever want or need from a whiskey-drenched, in your face, good time rock band …. Bravo chaps!


Review by: Francijn Suermondt

Score 9/10


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