Dio Disciples, O2 Academy Islington – December 2017

Words & Pictures – Eleanor Blackman

For the “Dio Returns” Tour they managed to feature Dio’s live vocals and synch the Hologram of Dio with the lyrics to really help bring the show to life and made the hologram look even more realistic than it had initially.
The show also featured Craig Goldy on Guitar, Scott Warren on Keyboard, Simon Wright on Drums and Bjorn Englen on Bass. For this show in particular you also had Veteran metal vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens and Singer Oni Logan.

For the tour, the ex-band members really managed to capture the crowd and managed to give a very memorable show. Throughout the show you had a variety of covers for a range of Dio’s music, they had taken music from: Rainbow, Dio, Heaven & Hell and Black Sabbath. For those in the crowd that were huge fans of Ronnie this was a massive opportunity as although they were not able to see him in person they were able to experience his music played live and to be able to experience the show with the hologram which was very well done. The premier hologram production company Eyellusion, had done an amazing job of the hologram of Dio on the stage and had really brought the hologram to life.

From start to finish the concert was incredible, starting with the song the King of Rock and Roll was brilliant it really started the show with some power. From the back, you could see the anticipation in the audience as the song started and the guitar solo showed the passion that Goldy and Bjorn put into the music which became a reoccurring thing throughout the show from all of the band members. The song got the crowd involved in the performance and gave the room a buzzing atmosphere. The set list for the show was amazing as it gave a variety of songs from all of Dio’s previous bands and also gave Owen and Logan the opportunity to sing without the hologram in the background and cover some of the songs separately and together. Also, the variety of songs meant that you had some that were fast paced and heavy but others that were slightly slower or songs like Heaven and Hell being a complete mixture of both. In the show, the audience was completely sucked into the performance and quickly became involved with the music.

The show was a first for me as I had never been to concert with a hologram but you still had the intensity of Dio actually being there on stage. The songs that were covered by Owen and Logan were brilliant as they had put their own spin on the songs to make them more original and they had both encouraged the crowd and made an outstanding performance. Nearing the end of the show you had a drum solo by Wright which was insane, as similar to guitar solo he put his all into it which he had continued to do throughout the whole performance.
it was a fantastic opportunity to have to be able to be present for the Dio Returns Tour as it was a great performance and had an amazing atmosphere.

Set list:

1) King of Rock and Roll (Dio cover with Ronnie James Dio hologram)

2) E5150 (Black Sabbath Cover)

3) The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath cover with Tim “Ripper” Owens)

4) Straight through the heart (Dio cover with Tim “Ripper” Owens)

5)  I (Black Sabbath Cover with Oni Logan)

6) The last in Line / Holy Diver (Dio cover with Ronnie James Dio hologram)

7) Egypt (The Chains are on) (Dio cover with Oni Logan)

8) Tarot Women (Rainbow cover with Tim “Ripper” Owens and Oni Logan)

9) Guitar Solo (Craig Goldy and Bjorn Englen)

10) Catch the Rainbow (Rainbow cover with Oni Logan and Tim “Ripper” Owens)

11) Stargazer (Rainbow cover with Tim “Ripper Owens and Oni Logan)

12) Keyboard Solo

13) Mystery (Dio cover with Tim “Ripper” Owens and Oni Logan)

14) Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath cover with Ronnie James Dio Hologram)

15) Man, on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow cover with Ronnie James Dio Hologram)

16) Drum solo (with Snippet of “1812 Overture” by Tchaikovsky)

17) Heaven and Hell (Reprise) (Black Sabbath cover with Ronnie James Dio Hologram)


18) Rainbow in the Dark (Dio cover with Ronnie James Dio Hologram)

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