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A Light Within –  Epilogue EP review

Released by: Bandcamp

Genre: Post Metal/ Alt prog rock

Release date: 2 February 2018

Line up:

Jeff Irvine: Guitar ,
Andy Schiller: Bass ,
Nick Sloan: Drums ,,
Kyle Brandt: Vox ,
Josh Bennett: Guitar,


  1. Page #9 (Shells)
  2. Page #54 (Chemical Drive)
  3. Page #27 (Surrounded by Astronauts)
  4. Page #35 (An Educated Gentleman)

Epilogue is the third and final part of a three-part series. Preceded by Preface (2013) and Body Matter (2015).

Our Review of Body Matter is here: 

A Light Within – Body Matter review

It is a conceptual EP that continues in the vein of the previous instalments. The concept here is one of transcribed diary entries of a reflective mind.   A Light Within, from Kansas City, Missouri, open this four track EP with Page #9 (Shells). With some gentle rain fall and chanting as the intro, you are lead into a false sense of relaxation before the heavy hits. With Kyle Brants vocals strongly emoting the feelings of fear and desperation that this track reveals whilst listening.

Page #54 (Chemical Drive) continues the haunting atmosphere of this EP, with this track being surprisingly heavy in the chorus’s, even though Nick Sloan’s Drums come through during the verse, the dual guitars of Andy Irvine and Josh Bennet shine in the chorus, and in the finale of the track. 

Page #27 (Surrounded by Astronauts) and the final track Page #35 (An Educated Gentleman) wrap up the EP, with yet more introspective melodies. This EP is not one that you will get up and mosh to, instead it is more of a sit in a field with a beer and chill EP. Epilogue will get you thinking more in its 22ish minutes run time than spending an hour watching day time television. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this EP, and would recommend everybody to give it at least one listen. Now I just need to go and have a listen to the first two parts of this trilogy to see what else I have been missing.

SCORE 8/10

Reviewed by Kalli Isborne

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