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The Raz – The Raz Review

Released by: Rockshots Records

Release date: 9 February 2018

Genre: Hard Rock Blues

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  1. Black Garden
  2. No One To Blame
  3. Different Colored Leaves
  4. Since I Lost You
  5. 13 Years
  6. My Woman
  7. Mystery 
  8. No Surprise
  9. What’s Real


Raz – Bass & Vocals
Nick Meehan – Guitar & Vocals
Adam Shealy – Drums & Vocals
David Scott McBee – Lead Vocals

The Raz is a 4-piece Rock band from Columbia SC. They are made up of 4 individuals from 4 different decades. Even though they hail from different eras, these guys love to make music together. Combining their diverse backgrounds creates a unique sound which the band likes to refer to as “Raz-N-Roll”.

The band was formed during the spring of 2016 by Raz and Nick Meehan after meeting up with each other at Guitar Centre in Columbia, SC. Coincidently, Raz worked at the Guitar Centre. They got together at Nick’s house, jammed, and wrote 2 songs that first night. Soon after they recruited another Guitar Center employee, Andrew Bowers, as their drummer. While they were brainstorming names, it was then when Nick suggested naming the band “THE RAZ”?

Initially, they started playing as a power trio, but it was soon evident to Raz that they needed a better singer. Soon afterwards David Scott McBee was asked to join the band. Not long after David joined the band, Andrew left, and now a drummer was needed. The search began with the remaining members holding auditions. And the very first drummer to audition was Adam Shealy. He has been the drummer ever since…

My first impression when listening to the album was: “Wow!”. The band effortlessly combines rock and blues. It seems these days that many bands are combining various genres to help them stand out from the crowd. Many fail. However, The Raz succeeds because their music is played with such passion that they touch our souls.

It is evident through the band’s passion, this record does not go over the top, but rather they have rooted themselves in a back to rock basics approach. The result of this is the absolutely brilliant opener “Black Garden”. This track has a groovy style with some massive guitars which are accompanied by the enchanting and raspy vocals. What a great piece to start this album off with.

The following track, “No One To Blame” isn’t to be outdone. It is another brilliant and powerful track. With this track, The Raz expresses themselves through great guitar riffs and rhythms which takes you on a rollercoaster ride. It has a very Led Zeppelin-ish sort of sound.

After the two tracks causing such a rush, a breather is needed. This is what the third track “Different Colored Leaves” offers. A calm sound which is a bit introverted and deep.

“Since I Lost You”, is another great piece. It is well structured containing amazing guitars, great vocals and mellower groove.

“13 Years”, is a heartbreaking yet a gentle track. Similar to “Different Colored Leaves” is another deep and introverted song. The vocals are so compelling that it leaves the audience feeling deeply for this song.

It is not long before we return to hard rock with “My Woman”. It is a strong, groovy and yet powerful piece of music. It has the same tones as the following tracks: “Mystery” and “No Surprise”.

To close out the album is another slow and meaningful track, “What’s Real”. There is a crescendo of guitars which makes it very good song. Actually, I would argue that it is a contender for the best song of the album.

“The Raz” is a very good album filled with some heartfelt passion. In all, it is a very respectable debut album. Through this album, the band expresses themselves by producing music which makes you feel as if your heartstrings are being tugged.


Written by: Valeria Campagnale

Ratings: 8/10



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