Camden Rocks Presents: Upcoming Gigs: 2018

With the main Camden Rocks Festival already lining up to be something special in 2018, the team have some great warm up shows from some amazing bands. It’s a guarantee that one or more will appeal to any music lover anywhere.

Check out the listings below for info and tickets;

February 7th at The Monarch
JFK Blue + River Hounds + Dr Schwamp + Ben Joseph & The Lay Lows
February 9th at Nambucca
The London SS + Brewer + Prisoners Of Mother England + The Rash + Smiley & The Underclass + Victor And The Bully + Psychiatrists + Meister
February 15th at The Monarch
Ghouls + Kidbrother + Her Name Was Fire + L Sicario
February 17th at The Lounge
Damn Dice + Stone Thieves + Crashed Out + Leontas + Weekend Recovery
February 17th at The Black Heart
Hymns + Chasing Deer + The Hallows + DRGM + Elk
February 22nd at Camden Assembly
MOSES + Death And The Penguin + Kaleb McKane
February 23rd at Nambucca
Mick O’Toole + Screech Bats + Man The Lifeboats + Tim Muddiman & The Strange + Clown Smash Everything + Lupus Dei + The Black Bullets + Motorcycle Display Team
February 24th at The Lounge
Toffees + Calico Jack + The Gulps + Martin Rafferty + The Roofs
March 3rd at The Lounge
Confessions Of A Traitor + Cohesion + The Multitude + You Win Again Gravity + Centuries
March 7th at The Monarch
The Second Sons + The Collier + Miceberg + Dame Jean + The Rumble
March 16th at Nambucca
At The Sun + Death Koolaid + Caskets + Empyre + WitchingSeason + Shush + Scream Serenity
March 24th at The Lounge
Hollowstar + Black Sixteen + The Idol Dead + Renegade Twelve
March 31st at The Lounge
The Bad Day Blues Band + The Second Sons + Three Streets + Hightown Parade + Flare Voyant
April 4th at The Monarch
Screech Bats + Kid Kapichi + Bloodlines + The Menstrual Cramps
April 13th at The Lounge
Ducking Punches + The Real McKoys + Matilda’s Scoundrels + The Silver Bayonets + Priests To Pilots
April 28th at The Lounge
Healthy Junkies + Templeton Pek + Thunder On The Left + The Cheeky Bastards
Tickets via the events above, or direct at 

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