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Nebula – ‘Let It Burn’, ‘To The Center’ and ‘Dos EP’ Review

Released by: Nebula

Release date: 26 January 2018 and 16 February 2018

Genre: Stoner Rock

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Eddie Glass – Guitars, Vocals

Mark Abshire – Bass

Ruben Romano – Drums


Eddie Glass and Ruben Romano departed from Fu Manchu in 1997, they decided to form Nebula in the aftermath. Mark Abshire was soon added, and one of the most influential stoner rock bands of the 90’s was born. And for their 20th birthday, Heavy Pysch Sounds is re-issuing the first three, where would stoner rock be without these.

First to be released is ‘Let It Burn’. The band’s first album (1998) has a re-issue date of 1/26/2018. This first album was one of a kind for it time. The band showed they were every bit as good as other top bands of the era. They used multiple different sound technics on this album. The song ‘Raga in the Bloodshot Pyramid’, to this day is one of the strongest white played raga songs ever. Then you take the tune ‘Sonic Titan’, the longest song on the album, which has this amazing guitar jam to go along with well-played drums and bass lines. For an added bonus, they’ve thrown in two extra songs, one live and one demo, on this re-issue to make for some new listening as well.

Let It Burn

  1. Elevation
  2. Down The Highway
  3. Let It Burn

4.Vulcan Bomber

  1. Dragon Eye
  2. Raga In The Bloodshot Pyramid
  3. Sonic Titan
  4. Devil’s Liquid
  5. Let It Burn (Live at Roskilde 2001)
  6. Devil’s Liquid (Demo)

The second re-issue, due on 2/3/2018, is the first full length album Nebula put out in 1999 ‘To The Center’. This album reassured the stoner community that the band wasn’t just messing around on the ‘Let It Burn’ EP. They continued their assault on stoner fans everywhere with one the most solid genre releases at the end of the 90’s. Originally released on Sub Pop records, the band had a more psychedelic sound on this one, but continued to hold true to the stoner rock they play so well. The album is filled with tasty licks the you just can’t get enough of. This re-issue also contains a couple bonus live songs at the as well.

To The Center

  1. To The Center
  2. Come Down
  3. Whatcha Lookin’ For
  4. Clearlight
  5. Freedom
  6. Antisone
  7. I Need Somebody
  8. Fields Of Psilocybin
  9. So Low
  10. Synthetic Dream
  11. Between Time
  12. You Mean Nothin’
  13. So Low (live)
  14. To The Center (Live)

The third Re-issue, being released on 2/16/2018, is a combination of the Split LP with Lowrider and the rarer limited EP ‘Sun Creature’, to form the compilation titled ‘Dos EP’. By this time, Nebula had been proving they belonged on stage next to any formidable bands of the era. Originally released in 2002, this comp was filled with fuzz, catchy riffs, tremendous vocals, and drums and bass galore. There are some straight up rockers on this album that would make any metal/ stoner fan happy. ‘Smoking Woman’ is a stand out song. The entire album consists of some very heavy jams, and should be included in anybody’s, Nebula fans or stoner rockers, collection period. And one more time they have given a couple extra tracks in the form of live tunes from 1999.

Dos EP

  1. Anything From You
  2. Full Throttle
  3. Back To The Dawn
  4. Fall Of Icarus
  5. Rollin’ My Way To Freedom
  6. Sun Creature
  7. Smokin’ Woman
  8. Fly On
  9. Rocket
  10. Long Day
  11. Bardo Airways
  12. Anything From You (Live 1999)
  13. Rollin’ My Way To Freedom (Live 1999)

Nebula is back. These re-issues are great, and Heavy Psych Sounds does a great job as always on them. Nebula signed with Tee Pee Records and is expected to release a new album in July of 2018, and all the stoner rock community is looking forward to that one. The guys will be over in Europe starting in April. The only US show at this point is at the US Joshua Tree-Stones and Dusted Festival on 5/26 and 5/27. Check them out when you can; this band is going to be hot in the future when the new album drops on us all.


Written by : Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings: 9/10

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