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Pop Evil – Pop Evil Review

Released by: Entertainment One

Release Date: February 16th, 2018

Genre: Hard Rock



Line Up:

Leigh Kakaty – Lead Vocals

Dave Grahs – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals

Nick Fuelling – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Matt DiRito – Bass/Backing Vocals

Hayley Cramer – Drums



Waking Lions

Colors Bleed

Ex Machina

Art of War

Be Legendary

Nothing But Thieves

A Crime to Remember

God’s Dam

When We Were Young

Birds of Prey



Pop Evil is putting out their fifth studio album that is nothing short of impressive. This new project has something for everyone, there are many different flavors for you to enjoy and savor. This is one of those few albums where every song gives you a hearty slice that is so delicious in its own way. Every song on it is thoroughly enjoyable taking you in a different direction on their new journey traveling through their trials and achievements. It seems that their new drummer, Hayley Cramer, who joined the band in 2016, has put a fresh wind in their sails.

Pop Evil was formed in North Muskegon, Michigan by front man Leigh Kakaty in 2001. You can hear hints of their many musical influences all the way through this exciting ride. Their new album comes out on February 16, 2018.

Here are a few of my thoughts (not that it matters):

As the album kicks off like the SpaceX launch, ‘Waking Lions’ is quickly becoming a top hit with it being the first song released for airplay getting heavy rotation on satellite radio and then it’s followed with ‘Colors Bleed’ – Definitely a Rage Against the Machine influenced vibe (Leigh Kataky says Rage was his favorite band growing up and Zack de la Rocha was his hero) with this also being clearly evident in ‘Ex Machina’. As you dig into the meat and potatoes you come up with ‘Be Legendary’ with its catchy lyrics that will surely be stuck in your head all day. As you are jolted into ‘Nothing But Thieves’ it is a darker, entrancing track, slipping straight into ‘A Crime to Remember’ with great lyrics and envisioning groovy feel. Returning you to earth like the two SpaceX rockets and winding up this journey, there are two more solid tracks, ‘When We Were Young’ and ‘Birds of Prey’ with a few more diamonds in the rough to fill your picnic basket.

We are really looking forward to catching them again this summer at the Carolina Rebellion. Hope to see you there.

I would have to give this new album a solid 8.


Written by: Richard Hooks

Rating: 8/10


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