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Don Broco – Technology review

Label: Sharp Tone

Genre: Alt Rock \ Post-hardcore

Release Date: OUT NOW


Rob Damiani
Simon Delaney
Matt Donnelly
Tom Doyle

Track List:

1. “Technology” 
2. “Stay Ignorant” 
3. “T-Shirt Song” 
4. “Come Out to LA” 
5. “Pretty” 
6. “The Blues” 
7. “Tightrope” 
8. “Everybody” 
9. “Greatness” 
10. “Porkies” 
11. “Got to Be You”
12. “Good Listener” 
13. “¥” 
14. “Something to Drink” 
15. “Blood in the Water” 
16. “Potty Mouth” 

Even though they have been around since 2008, I first saw Don Broco in November 2016 when they supported Bring Me The Horizon at Wembley and after watching their amazing set, I have been waiting for the release of the album ‘Technology’ ever since and it has felt like forever. However after listening to the album for only a short amount of time, I know it was worth the wait.

‘Pretty’ which is the opening track is my favourite song on the album and as soon as the beat kicks in, it makes me just want to get up and dance. The lyrics appeal to me because as a 20 year old, singing about going out and getting drunk and having a good time is the norm. [Editor’s note; MyGlobalMind does not endorse or condone the going out and getting drunk behaviour of 20 year old because of course we never did anything like that back in the day!]

My friends and I also feel our favourite line is when Rob [Damiani] sings about a girl coming up to him and saying “Thing about foreigners, they’re taking our jobs, we should send’em away” He responds with “I can’t believe what I heard. How she’s saying these words. But I’m far too gone”

I find this very funny because of his reaction and it is relatable because not only of the current situation with Remainers and Brexiteers but also because we have all had a few people talking to us in clubs we don’t want! This speaks to me.

Their guitar instrumentals in between the choruses are amazing and makes me want to join in and air drum as if I am performing their song as well. Not something I usually do so this must be good!

Their title track ‘Technology’ which is a song about the impact of social media, is also a firm favourite. Weirdly because of my age, I agree with what they are saying as me and my friends are all heavily impacted, daily, by both tech and social media. The music video that goes with this makes you think deeply about how much time we spend and rely on social media instead of looking around us – another comment on today’s society on this album?

The beginning of the song kicks in quite quickly and the guitar sounds spectacular. The tune is catchy and sticks in your head. I always end up singing it throughout the day as most of the songs on the album do. Their instrumental in the beginning makes your head bang – something else I don’t really do – Don Broco what are you doing to me??

Another brilliant song is ‘T-shirt Song’. I particularly like this one on a personal level because I was at their 2017 show at London’s Alexandra Palace where they filmed the music video. When I listen to the song and watch the video, it takes me back to the amazing experience I had at their show. The drums and guitar give you that feeling where you want to take your T-shirt off and swing it around like Rob says in the song.

Overall this album is everything I would expect of them, with so many hooks that I have had it on repeat since I received it. It has made me want to get up and dance all day and each song just draws you into the next one. The thing that helps is that each song is different and has twists to keep you hooked. There is rock and pop and maybe even stuff my Mum would like. This album is definitely worth the purchase.

I love this band with their energy, songs and looks. If you listen back to their previous songs when they first began it is amazing to see how much they have grown. Especially when I saw them as an opening act to now seeing them headlining at their own packed out show – this album seems to help showcase that journey.

SCORE: 10/10


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