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Sectile – Sectile Review

Release Date: 10 November 2017

Genre: Progressive Metal

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Mark O’Reilly – Guitar
Cormac Hennigan – Bass
Gabriel Gaba – Vocals
Zachary Newman – Drums
Michael Sheridan – Guitar
Track List:
1. A Fool’s Reward
2. Invisible Threads
3. Silver Moon
4. Comes With The Rain

When you think of the Irish Rock Scene, you will probably think of U2, The Cranberries; just to name a few. Very rarely will you associate Ireland with the Progressive genre. However, with a band such as Sectile, you will happily discover that the Progressive scene on the Emerald Isle is alive and well. The band is new to the scene and has launched their self-titled debut album during November of last year.

Hearing the sound of electric guitars will always send shivers down my spine. Especially when those guitars seem to blend seamlessly with the vocals and percussion.  The first track starts off with one heck of a guitar segue which lasts for a solid minute. Then the vocals kick in, but during this track as with the entire EP, the guitar is the hero and the vocals not only play a supporting role but add the necessary depth allowing the listener to be emotionally invested. All in all, making it a very catchy tune. Although the song is a bit long for my liking, coming in at over 6 mins long. Halfway through the track, you will love the hint of the Stranger Things Netflix series courtesy of the guitars. Throughout this album there are these little gems, easter eggs if you like, that makes listening to each and every song in its entirety worthwhile and rewarding.

The first three tracks are so much fun, filling this EP with so much energy that makes you want to bang your head to each and every song. Then cometh the final track. Before explaining my beef with this track allow a small, tiny rant if you will.

I love guitars, I love electric guitars, I love acoustic guitars, but I can never ever understand why rock bands find any reason to squeeze a ballad type song into their work. I curse the day Extreme decided to share their song, “More than Words”, with the world. It was such a success that many guys started using the song to express their love to their partners. The success of the ballad made other bands pay attention. And ever since there seems to be a holy-grail sort of quest to find a ballad that transcends “More than Words”, if not, equaling its viral nature. Think about it, what other rock ballad has been as successful with as many hours of listening? Ballads have their place, but not when you are on an energy driven rage.

Then comes the final track, listening to the opening of the track made me think: “Oh for f****sake, not another ballad.” After summoning enough courage, I kept listening. What started out with the makings of a ballad, made me smile as I kept listening.

The final track proves that this band has the versatility and the ability to seamlessly switch gears. This is not a bad debut. You will want to have a listen to this EP. But here in lies the challenge for the band. Will they be able to build upon this EP delivering the same energy and passion? If they do, I predict that they will be around for many years to come. Only time will tell.

You can catch Sectile performing live in heat 5 of the Irish Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses competition in Fibber Magee’s in Dublin on March 3rd.
Written by: Farryl Singh
Pictures by: Olga Kuzmenko
Ratings: 7/10

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