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Rosco’s Riot – Yesterday’s Paradise Review

Genre: Hard Rock

Released by: S/Release

Release date: 24th February 2018


Line up:

Tim Knox – Guitars and Vocals

James Quinn – Bass

Andy Brown – Guitar

Craig Taylor – Drums



Bound to Hell


Only One

Little Darlin


Yesterday’s Paradise


Since I first sampled the delights of Rosco’s Riots’ debut album Crazy and Wild  – initially released back in June 2016, it has become a staple favourite in my CD collection.  It goes without saying therefore that I was intrigued to hear more of the same high calibre hard rock and have spent the last couple of weeks familiarising myself with their latest release.

Being marketed as an EP, over 30 minutes of material packed into 6 incredible tracks is what’s delivered here. It goes without saying that the opening song of any recording has got to grab you by the throat  and Bound to Hell does just this…melodically easing the listener in before quickly morphing into a dark, heavy tune with detached vocals – the effect of which works amazingly and the percussion on this track is nothing short of phenomenal.

By the third song in I am already sold on this latest offering Only One firmly cementing my decision.  I was instantly hooked by the 9 minutes plus of this lyrical and musical brilliance.  The acoustic guitar intro is addictively hypnotising, vocals are stunningly evocative and the general vibe, in a deviation from the trend of Heavy Rock produced by this band sounds distinctly more Southern by comparison.  There is a change of tempo and the pace picks up lending to a slightly heavier edge at just over the halfway mark – guitar and drums spiralling together in perfect synchronicity.  If you want a reason why you should get this record look no further – this is it…

Title track Yesterday’s Paradise is a return to the heavier form which is permeated by a dirty bass groove.  Increasing in velocity throughout and featuring the lyrics “We are Rosco’s Riot” (nothing wrong with a bit of self promotion) it brings this EP to a hard rocking, high intensity conclusion.

In my opinion Rosco’s Riot have achieved what most bands strive for – a sound that is unique to them, their heavy driven brand of rock easily distinguishable within a few seconds – yet this release, like the last is punctuated by that one track which will throw you complete off kilter and demonstrate the diversity, versatility and undeniable talent of this band.  But don’t just take my word for it, catch them in Voodoo, Belfast on 24th Belfast and draw your own conclusions…

Review by Karen Hetherington

SCORE: 10/10

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