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High Reeper – High Reeper Review

Released by: Heavy Psych Sounds

Release Date: 16 March 2018

Genre: Stoner Rock/Hard Rockin’ Doom

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Pat Daly – Guitars

Zach Thomas – Vocals

Shane Trimble – Bass

Napz Mosley – Drums

Andrew Price – Guitars


Track Listing:

1. Die SLow

2. Chrome Hammer

3. Soul Taker

4. High Reeper

5. Reeper Deadly Reeper

6. Weed And Speed

7. Double DOwn And Let It Ride

8. Black Leather (Chose Us)

9. Friend Of Death


Heavy Psych Sounds have become one of the premier stoner labels. On March 16 they are releasing another gem, High Reeper’s self-titled debut. Forming in 2016, these guys started recording their first album in May 2017. Just 8 months later they are ready to share their work with the world. Coming from Philly, they have this heavy sound, which can best be described as Uncle Acid meets Black Sabbath. We couldn’t wait to give this album a listening to. And it is a killer…

The first tune ‘Die Slow’ has this great low sound which all stoner fans will love. A great guitar riff hammers this album off to a great start. ‘Chrome Hammer’ and ‘Soul Taker’ shows us who influences the band’s sound. This band definitely has some Sabbath-like sound, and these tunes prove that. They have a great vibe. The song ‘High Reeper’ is up next. And this tune rips out in a great heavy guitar riff, truly honouring the band’s name. There is a great drum solo, from Napz Mosley, in the middle of what is a kick-ass tune.

‘Reeper Deadly Reeper’ starts off with a ghostly guitar riff. Needless to say, we love this song. It features great guitar sounds throughout the track. It unleashes the monster riffs! ‘Weed And Speed’ has a nice chilled groove to it. It makes you want to just kick back and smoke some if you got some. ‘Double Down And Let It Ride’, “Black Leather (Chose Us)’ and ‘Friend Of Death’ finishes off what is a solid debut. The last song is filled with catchy riffs. A nicely timed pause in the middle allows for some killer guitar solos. These solos shows off the skill and talent of guitarists Pat Daly and Andrew Price. They are supported by Shane Trimble on Bass holding down the low-end throughout this album.

The album has a lot to offer. It is a great debut album from a band that we are sure to hear more from in the future. There are enough guitar licks and riffs to satisfy any metal fan. You will love the vocals of Zach Thomas, which at times gives us plenty of reminders of Uncle Acid.

After listening to this album, we are looking forward to seeing the band perform live. However, it appears that their live shows are very limited at the moment. But we’re hoping they come this way. We would definitely recommend getting out and supporting these guys.

The album is definitely highly recommended, grab a copy while you! Have a listen to their Official video for their song ‘Die Slow’, link provided below, and you will see why…


Written by: Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings:  9/10

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