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Tax The Heat – Change Your Position Review

Genre: Rock

Released by: Nuclear Blast

Release date: 9th March 2018


Line up:

Alex Veale – Guitar/Vocals

Jack Taylor – Drums

Antonio Angotti – Bass

JP Jacyshyn – Guitar



1. Money in the Bank

2. Change Your Position

3. Playing With Fire

4. All That Medicine

5. On the Run

6. The Last Time

7. Taking the Hit

8. My Headspace

9. We are Consumers

10. Cut Your Chains

11. Wearing a Disguise

12. The Symphony has Begun


Having known Tax the Heat by reputation only I reckoned I would be doing them a great injustice if I didn’t familiarise myself with their debut album Fed to the Lions before giving this latest release, due out on 9th March 2018 a decent airing.

Change Your Position is, I feel, a very subtle deviation on the band’s first offering. A Production of back to back catchy, hard-hitting, upbeat and finely tuned rock, there are no “filler” tracks on here – every song deserving of its place. As with every album, there are a couple of songs I judge to be slightly weaker than the rest and a couple which are truly exceptional. Perhaps surprisingly, my least favourite on here is the album namesake Change Your Position. While the electronic sound on this track gives it an edge, initially it just wasn’t grabbing me and lyrically I found it a bit too simplistic, however, I am compelled to confess that it has grown on me after a few listens.

I think the songs on this album become more complex further in and there is a notable change of style by the time you hit the penultimate track Wearing a Disguise, musically superb and lyrically thought-provoking it was an instant hit with me.

I firmly believe, Tax the Heat have struck pure gold with the finale on this release. More intricate and darker somehow than the other tracks and with just a nice touch of acoustic, I found The Symphony has Begun intoxicating. In sound, it is so far removed from opening track Money in the Bank that you nearly think you are listening to a different band, nearly…

For an album featuring 12 songs strangely none of them sound “samey” and while I am of the opinion that the Tax the Heat brand of rock could definitely never be categorised as ‘classic’ I feel that the latest album Change Your Position has taken things to another level as far as individuality goes.

Demonstrating proficiency of talent and uniqueness of style Tax the Heat have built up a well established following and it’s not difficult to understand the appeal. The band’s style is distinct and edgy making a refreshing change from others that never succeed in breaking out of the mould of their influences – its rock, but not as you may know it.

The album launch is on 9th March 2018 at The Islington, London – grab your tickets now, if you can.


Review by Karen Hetherington

SCORE:  9/10


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