Live Gig

Sabaton and Kreator with special guest Cyhra at The Paramount in Huntington, NY March 4th, 2018


© Dhruv Kumar

All live Photos by Dhruv Kumar

Words by Kunal Singh



Long Island, where the local scene produces surprisingly more metal bands than you can shake a stick at, was the site for a Metal show for the ages. The night was cold, the wind was stiff, and right as Old Man Winter was giving another push for frigid weather, the scene was set, perhaps perfectly, for a good old-fashioned metal show. A good thing too, as the show was packed solid from the very back seats to the balconies to the GA. Wall to wall metalheads and they wanted to be served.

First on stage was Cyhra, a sort of super group of metal consisting of members from Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Amaranthe, Annihilator, and of course In Flames. A high-intensity showcase which set the scene just right for the thirsty and frozen Long Island crowd. Performing songs from their album Letters to Myself, the night had definitely begun to take flight.

Secondly, the co-headliners Kreator the Thrash icons took to the stage. Putting on a blast of pure metal goodness, with plenty of crowd interaction and guidance, Kreator put on a savage beating of power chords, riffs, and double bass pounding music. There was, of course, the obligatory “let’s get this pit started,” moment when Miland Petrozza started to direct the audience. The bliss that could only be unmistakable German thrash was a delight to the older fans in the audience as well as a calling to the younger fans. Of course, the wicked strobes and top-level lighting at The Paramount made the showcase all the better.

Lastly, Sabaton took over the night. Coming to the stage in tactical and military gear as anybody who has seen any of their shows for the past 10 years can attest to, the brothers in metal put on an assault with “In the Army Now,” as their first salvo. The band performed fan favorite “To Hell and Back” as an encore, but not after displaying their newer material off of The Last Stand which includes mind-numbing bass and storytelling guitar shred. Their musicianship is a testament to the years of hard work this band has put in. If this is indeed their final tour (although this is debatable) not the best choice of names for a tour, then this band truly stands atop so many others with their sheer musical prowess and the gift of a performance they gave to this truly loyal New York crowd.

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