Live Gig

Papa Roach, Nothing More and Escape The Fate Live at The Paramount, NY on April 10th, 2018


Review by: Tyler Bogliole

Photos by: Dhruv Kumar


On Tuesday, April 10th, Hard rock had the pleasure of seeing Escape The Fate, Nothing More and Papa Roach at The Paramount.

Escape The Fate started the night, opening up with the single “Do You Love Me?” off their new album “I Am Human”. Within seconds, the crowd was jumping around and singing along. They ended their set with the title track of their 2008 album “This War Is Ours”, their setlist consisted of mostly a mixture of older songs and new songs.

Next up, we had Nothing More. This Texas Hard Rock band put on an incredible show. The stage was completely dark, Jonny Hawkins sneaked up and jumped on the “Scorpion Tail”, stood up and screamed the opening line to “Do You Really Want It” at the top of his lungs. Their set was mainly songs off their new album, The Stories We Tell Ourselves, with a few older songs sprinkled in. They did a cover of “First Of The Year” by Skrillex. Jonny used the “Scorpion Tail” for that song, the “Scorpion Tail” is a machine that raises a few feet into the air and controls the notes that the guitarist and bassist are playing, making them either higher or lower. The amount of energy that they had was through the roof. They are a must-see band live.

Lastly, the headliner, Papa Roach took the stage and played for about 2 hours. Their set started with an announcement over the speakers asking the audience to put their “middle fingers up” and chant “Fuck Papa Roach”. After a few chants, the curtain dropped and they went straight into Crooked Teeth. Throughout the whole set, the band was feeding off of the energy of the audience, calling for mosh pits and even a “wall of death”. They played about 20 songs, and the energy stayed high the entire time.


Papa Roach Setlist The Paramount, Huntington, NY, USA 2018, Crooked Teeth

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