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New York – Carry the Torch/Electric Thunder Review

Label: Heaven and Hell Records

Release Date: Out Now

Genre: Hard Rock


Jimmie Ennis — Vocals, Guitars 
Freddy Foster — Bass, Vocals 
Johnny ‘G’ Lover — Guitars, Vocals 
Rikk Hanz, — Drums 
Michael Scott Mills – Drums (Electric Thunder demo 1988) 
Eric Carr drums on the song ‘Electric Thunder’


1. Let It Roll 03:38
2. Teas’r 04:28
3. Nobody like You 03:16
4. Nite Flyer 05:02
5. Deathwish 04:28
6. Go, Let’s Go 04:13
7. Brake 4 Fools 03:34
8. Shoot to Kill 03:47
9. Down on My Knees 04:34
10. Heart of Stone 04:28
11. Head over Heels 04:07
12. Give and Take 03:48
13. Don’t Fall 03:49
14. Electric Thunder 05:18


Holy crap Heaven & Hell Records have unleashed what has quickly become one of my favorite releases from this label. The band New York (ironically from S.C.) was a known commodity around the area (sadly, I somehow missed them.) Of course, when their EP Carry the Torch came out it was 1984, and though I was well on my way of becoming the music nerd I am today, I was pretty young and in early stages of said nerdom. Even in 1988 when they recorded their demo Electric Thunder, I was well versed in The Metal, but still somehow missed these guys. That’s shocking if for no other reason then the demo was produced by this guy named Eric Carr who happened to play drums in some little known band called KISS that I was somewhat fond of at the time. It was actually through my good friend Dennis that I learned about this band when it was announced that H&H were issuing both the EP and Demo for the first time on CD.
Entitled Carry the Torch/Electric Thunder it is a stunning romp through some of the coolest old school hard rock (pre-dating the hair era of the later 80’s days) I’ve heard in a while. Their sound reminds me of Fastway (I can hear these songs as the sondtrack to Trick Or Treat easily) meets Judas Priest, though not as raucous and frenetic. I love how the driving guitar flows perfectly with the vocals. Singer/guitarist Jimmy Ennis and guitarist Johnny “G” Lover weave intricate licks with blistering leads that rival many bands with a wider audience. The songs are all high intensity hard rock with metal elements through out. Drummer Rikk Hanz is a hard drving, highly skilled talent, and bassist Freddy Foster provides the perfect propulsive bass lines that also adds edge to their sound. I also love the fact that while a bit heavier than some of their contemporaries, they’re just as melodic too, with big chorus’ and sing-along group vocals that give the songs even more depth. Songs like “Down On My Knees,” “Teas’r,” and “Heart of Stone” highlight the fact that not only were New York a talented band, but they were also masterful songwriters, able to capture a sound that could appeal to so many different types of metal/hard rock fans.
It’s a shame these songs and this band never got any recognition. There are some fantastic songs here on Carry the Torch/Electric Thunder. To think, initially this project almost didn’t see the light of day, but through Jeremy Golden’s encouragement and dedication to great lost bands such as New York, we the fans get to have great momentoes such as Carry the Torch/Electric Thunder to keep these songs alive. I’m so glad Dennis convinced me to check them out. I think you should too!

Score: 9 out of 10

Reviewed by Chris Martin

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