Live Gig

Watain concludes the Pandemoniac Wolf March Tour in NYC’s Gramercy Theatre with Destroyer 666 and T.O.M.B


Live Report and Photos by: Zenae Zukowski


Within the last year, black metal shows or tours altogether have found its way being canceled in the United States. Most recently, after Taake resolved their visa issues, they’re entire rescheduled North American tour was canceled due to Antifa threats and scares. We are currently experiencing a time when people are putting a limit on creative expression (exercising our first amendment) due to fear, being offended by everything, misinterpretations, and more. We were scared thinking the tour was going to be cut short for the Swedish black metal outfit Watain.

A few days prior to their last show on the Pandemoniac Wolf March Tour, a photo of the group surfaced on social media that appeared to show live guitarist Set Teitan giving the Nazi salute. Watain has since denied these allegations but had no choice but to part ways with Teitan for the time being. However, with the current political battle Americans are faced with these days, it was questionable whether the tour would carry out. Luckily, on the final night of the trek on March 31st, Watain’s show in NYC’s Gramercy Theatre, sold out.

The evening began with the blackened noise outfit from Pennsylvania, T.O.M.B (Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy). Their enigmatic performance managed to capture the crowd’s attention as well as set the tone for the darkened evening. Their rare essence left a musical aura as though they were summoning the dead within each note, which was impressive to watch.

Next up was the black/thrash metal outfit Deströyer 666. Concert-fiends were ready to be provoked with relentless adrenaline as these Australian titans brought their new EP Call of the Wild for the ride with them. The audience enjoyed their unapologetic and merciless set especially when the group gave them a blistering treat when they invited Watain guitarist Pelle Forsberg to the stage during the Motörhead cover of “Iron Fist.”

Deströyer 666 delivered a well-balanced unholy taste before the night reached its new diabolical heights. Their set included songs “Wildfire,” “A Breed Apart,” “Satan’s Hammer,” “I Am the Wargod (Ode to the Battle Slain), “Iron Fist (Motörhead cover),” “Hounds at Ya Back,” “Trialed by Fire,” and “Lone Wolf Winter.”

Finally, it was time for Watain to take the stage. The platform was transformed into an unholy room of satanic terror, which was perfect to see on Easter eve. The group was there to support their latest effort Trident Wolf Eclipse, which was released earlier this year via Century Media Records. For those who were lucky to be standing in the front row had blood splattered on them during the first song “Devil’s Blood.” The set continued to reign with black metal riffs as the horde pushed their way into a moshing delight. It was one gratifying show that included songs “Devil’s Blood,” “Black Flames March,” Nuclear Alchemy,” “Malfeitor,” “Angelrape,” “Legions of the Black Light,” “Furor Diabolicus,” “Outlaw,” “Sacred Damnation,” “Towards the Sanctuary,” “Sworn to the Dark,” “On Horns Impaled,” and “The Serpent’s Chalice.”

Overall, it was one satisfied evening filled with a bit of dogmatist pleasure. Despite those who are unable to stomach such performances due to the controversy that has surrounded the black metal scene these days, it didn’t stop music lovers from doing what they do best – enjoy a show. And that’s what it was, a performance an evening of metal bliss as there were no sign of anyone spitting out hateful influences. Black metal may be misunderstood to the mainstream but the underground scene will never understand the Kardashians. 

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