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Shinedown – Attention Attention review

Released By – Atlantic
Release Date – 4th May 2018
Genre – Rock
Line Up:
Brent Smith – Lead Vocals
Zach Myers – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Eric Bass – Bass, Backing Vocals
Barry Kerch – Drums
1 – The Entrance
2 – Devil
3 – Black Soul
4 – Attention Attention
5 – Kill Your Conscience
6 – Pyro
7 – Monsters
8 – Darkside
9 – Creatures
10 – Evolve
11 – Get Up
12 – Special
13 – The Human radio
14 – Brilliant

Shinedown release album number six and it is a concept album…….except its not. Attention Attention is a story album with a definite beginning, middle and ending. The whole album takes place in a room where a generic person is contemplating everything in their life including fear, pride and anything else going on in the mind. 

Opener The Entrance is the sound of someone entering the room and shutting the world outside for the time to reflect and leads directly into the first release from the album Devil. The band have rediscovered the heavier edge missing from their previous release as the lyric informs the listener “Its about to get heavy”. A song dealing with the issue of fear of yourself and the outside world backed by crunching guitar and Brent singing the best I have heard. 

Black Soul continues the theme and urges the person to “Wake up, Its not too late to pull yourself together”. With an instantly memorable chorus this song is sure to be a live fan favourite. Attention Attention, the title track is a slight departure from what you would expect from Shinedown however, as soon as the chorus kicks in everything the band are known for is there. The verses haveBrent scowling and sounding very sinister and spitting out the lyrics with real venom. Kill Your Conscience slows proceedings down a slight touch and is a song about defiance with another superb chorus building into a repeatable and memorable hook. Pyro is a straight forward rocker sounding a little like Green Day. Is that a good thing?

Monsters is the half way point of the album and this is the time when the lyrics and theme come out of the shade and into the light as the individual in the room begins to feel more positive and their confidence starts to return. From here on the album turns negativity into positivity. Creatures is my stand out track with a chorus I was singing for days after. A very solid, addictive song continuing the mood and feel of the album. Get Up is the albums ballad with a nice piano intro (Sam Smith like – according to my 14 year old daughter!). The song is a real elevation for the individual in the room and is perfect for the albums approaching finale. Special continues the ballads with a piano throughout and some orchestral sounding moments building to a big chorus. The Human Radio is just a brilliant song. The chorus is as catchy as anything the band have ever done. The song is a masterpiece! The album ends on a very high note with a track aptly titled Brilliant. The whole album is just utterly superb and I felt like I had been riding an emotional and psychological rollercoaster. The very last sentence Brent says “Until next time.” Absolutely!

Sound effects are used throughout the album in the same way Pink Floyd did so effectively. However this is definitely not detrimental to the music and surely enhances the listening experience.

Every song is instantly memorable and the album flows seamlessly making it very difficult to pause or stop.This is the album 2018 has been waiting for. It is going to sound epic live. Shinedown at their heaviest, their most creative and their absolute best. Rock music has a future and it is Shinedown!


Score: 10/10

Reviewer – Simon Kneller

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