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Lik – Carnage Review

Released by: Metal Blade Records

Release date: 4 May 2018

Genre: Death Metal

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Chris Barkensjo – Drums & Vocals

Tomas Akvik – Vocals & Guitars

Niklas “Nille” Sandin – Guitars & Bass


Track Listing:

1. To Kill
2. Rid You Of Your Flesh
3. Celebration Of The Twisted
4. Dr. Duschanka
5. Left To Die
6. Cannibalistic Infancy
7. Death Cult
8. The Deranged
9. Only Death Is Left Alive
10. Embrace The End


It’s been a while since I have heard a Death Metal band that was relatively new that I felt like writing about. Last year there were plenty of awesome Death bands that released some amazing stuff, but this year it’s been dry for the heavier side of things. At least for myself that is. Looks like Stockholm’s very own Lik are going to change that up for me. I somehow missed out on their debut a couple years ago, so doing a comparison is out for me right now (falling too far behind on reviews as well as moving) so I’m going to just focus on their sophomore release Carnage.

Coming out from Metal Blade Records on May 4, it’s a blistering barrage of old school Death style at its core while drawing in some of the current Death Metal sound to create a brutal evisceration of the ears and mind with speed and attack that is on par with its savagery. Coming out of the gate with the intense “To Kill” Lik (Swedish for corpse) unleash an orgy of Death Metal glory that is sure to cause whiplash in multiple listeners. Other songs to check out would be “Cannibalistic Infancy,” “Rid You of Your Flesh,” and “Embrace the End.” My only issue was the track “Only Death Is Left Alive.” It was great song musically, but the lyrical symbolism struck me as a little cheesy and lame. That’s a pretty small issue though as the entire album is pretty fucking badass.

Lik’s Carnage is either a great sophomore release or a terrible follow-up. Those that were lucky to hear the first one will have to make that call. My decision will be in retrospect. Having said that, it’s still a pretty great album chock full of all the things any DM fan could ask for. It’s even possible that at some point Lik will ascend to the levels of some of the greats. This is a very heavy and fun record.

Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 8/10


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