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The Lazys – Tropical Hazards Review

Released by: Golden Boot Records

Release Date: May 4th, 2018

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Leon Harrison – Vocals

Matty Morris – Lead Guitar

Glenn Williams – Bass

Liam Shearer – Rhythm Guitar

Andy Nielsen – Drums



Nothing But Trouble
Little Miss Crazy
Picture Thieves
Half Mast Blues
Young Modern Lightning
One’s Too Many
Louder Than Youth
Somebody’s Daughter
Can’t Kill The Truth
Take Back The Town


As a lover of many kinds of music, sometimes all I need is some good meat and taters rock and roll. You know what I mean: just hard driving, no pretense, and no-frills rock and roll. It can have an edge to it or it can just be straight ahead; when I’m feeling meat and taters, I can take it anyway it’s presented. Most of the time these bands, though eliciting the proper enjoyment I desire from them, oftentimes leave me without the ability to write about them. They’re damn good, and though many of my album reviews tend to be short, simply saying, “It kicks ass,” isn’t quite enough to appease folks. I was expecting Canada’s The Lazys (actually they’re Australian, but based in Canada now) to be akin to that, but after a few more spins I think I’d like to spread the good word about them.

From what I can tell this is their sophomore full-length album, and though I missed out on the first one, I’m glad this one came across my desk. Apparently, there is something in the water in Australia as they have birthed several types of meat and potato rock bands (the biggest being AC/DC of course.) With Tropical Hazards, they are somewhere between the beer drinking hard rocking AC/DC with major doses of that straightforward Hard Rock stuff like Junkyard and Sea Hags. The songs are instantly memorable, in part due to the lead work of guitarist Matty Morris. He’s got this ability to construct concise and to the point riffs with leads reminiscent of Izzy Stradlin meets Brian Setzer where they’re simple and complex all at once. Vocalist Leon Harrison is like a less gravelly Brian Johnson meets a raspier Michael Monroe. As with any great meat and taters rock band you’ve got a powerhouse backbone with rhythm guitarist Liam Shearer, bassist Glenn Williams, and drummer Andy Nielsen. Songs like “One’s Too Many,” “Half Mast Blues,” and “Can’t Kill the Truth” are ripe with so much swagger and swing you can’t help yourself than to at least tap your toes, if not get your whole body moving.

The Lazys Tropical Hazard isn’t going to re-write rock and roll history but is going to add an interesting chapter in its story. This is a sure-fire rock album worth a spin or two. Grab you a brew and your fork and dig into this bountiful platter of meat and taters rock music folks. If this is your meal of choice, then The Lazys are the entrée you’re hungry for.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings:  8/10

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