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DeWolff – THRUST review


Released by: Mascot Records

Release date: 4th May 2018

Line up:

Pablo Van De Poel – Vocals, Guitar,

Luka Van De Poel – Drums,

Robin Piso – Vocals, Keyboard,


  1. Big Talk
  2. California Burning
  3. Once in a Blue Moon
  4. Double Crossing Man
  5. Tombstone Child
  6. Deceit & Woo
  7. Freeway Flight
  8. Tragedy? Not Today
  9. Sometimes
  10. Swain
  11. Outta Step & Ill at Ease

Mere moments after the album “Thrust” dropped into my inbox I had a quick listen and was immediately transported to a sunny day outside a house in Macon, Georgia…. but wait, this was not an iconic band from America’s deep south but a somewhat lesser known (to me anyway) band of young musicians from the Netherlands deep south of Geleen – well they could have fooled me…

Instantly hooked on the melodic easy listening gem that IS this album I decide to delve a little deeper into the history of this talented trio… I rewound right back to 2010 to watch video footage of the band play live at “Crossroads” Festival.  They pulled off a performance of phenomenal standard and I cursed myself for not having discovered them sooner. On my closer observation I made an interesting discovery; that being that this band are devoid of a bass player, strange perhaps but it detracts nothing from the quality of music these guys are producing.  Originally formed back in 2007, DeWolff already have five previous studio albums under their belt and therefore no shortage of material to bolster live performances.

Back to the here and now “Thrust” kicks off with Big Talk a catchy, rhythmic upbeat tune, an excellent opening track and an easy draw for anyone unfamiliar with this band.

Vocals are melodic and soulful throughout this latest release and with the accompaniment of keyboards produce a sound which is nostalgic yet peppered with modern elements.  Percussion ranges from delicate to hard hitting and is expertly delivered alongside precision guitar which spirals into the psychedelic realm on occasion. 

“Thrust” is an album filled with mellowed out tunes which although innovative in ways are all tinged with a welcome air of familiarity.  Picking highlights from an release of this calibre is a difficult task indeed but Tombstone Child was an instant hit with me, it is vocally amazing and features a couple of unexpected twists and turns.

Deceit & Woo fuses old style music and harmonies with modern lyrics and may well be the musical masterpiece of this release.  It features a stunning guitar interlude just before halfway through the song and there are various musical surprises and changes of tempo demonstrating the talent and musical versatility of these musicians  – this is further substantiated in the lengthy Freeway Flight.

The album signs off in perfection with the easy chilled out vibes of Outta Step & Ill at Ease and my first instinct is to play it all over again…

For DeWolff  May 4th 2018 marks not only the release of the new album, but the beginning of a European tour which looks set to keep them busy for the rest of the year.  They play The Black Heart in London on 15th May which is the only UK date listed so far – if you get the opportunity, I would highly recommend checking them out.

SCORE: 10/10


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