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Lance Lopez – Tell The Truth review

Genre: Texan Blues Machine 

Label: Provogue 

Release date: Out Now

Members / Touring Band: 

Lance Lopez, Guitar/Vocals,

Wes Jeans, Guitar/Vocals,

Landis Chisenhall, Drums,

Aris Pouncey, Bass,

Track Listing:

  • Never Came Easy
  • Mr Lucky
  • Down To One Bar
  • High Life
  • Cash My Check
  • The Real Deal
  • Raise Some Hell
  • Angel Eyes Of Blue
  • Back On The Highway
  • Blue Moon Rising
  • Tell The Truth

Lance Lopez started playing professionally at the age of 14 in the bars around New Orleans and with mentors and friends such as Billy Gibbons and Johnny Winter, his long awaited solo album was always going to be worth that wait.

In true Tarantino, Texas style Lance Lopez welcomes us with the gravelly, well partied vocals of ‘Never Came Easy To Me’, a bad ass opener if ever there was one. ‘Mr Lucky’ produces the perfect blend of blues, crashing drums and harmonica and is a cover spilling over with respect for the John Lee Hooker classic.

We have all been down the just one more route and ‘Down To One Bar’ tells the well-trodden tail of this admirably, the problem is this is just the kind if honky-tonk party track that will make you prop up that bar until 4am!

And if you still don’t want to go to bed yet then ‘High Life’ will keep you going down that highway to happy hell. Sang with feeling and too much insight for this not to be a personal track, it screams of the fun, the frolics and the pain of so many temptations in the music industry.

‘Cash My Check’ has a hint of the Quireboys to it and is a good ‘ol tune with a great beat, whereas ‘The Real Deal’ really smacks of a southern blues version of old time Whitesnake …..simply glorious and probably my favourite from the whole album.

With ‘Raise Some Hell’, you would expect a louder and heavier offering than this, in fact it is more of a country ballad to some degree, but beautifully crafted none the less.  But ….yes here we go ‘Angel Eyes Of Blue’ thunders in to the arena, with a stomping kick drum and a tasty touch of wha wha pedal to introduce something much heavier!

‘Back On The Highway’ certainly has the Billy Gibbons influence written all over it and does not disappoint.  ‘Blue Moon Rising’ brings calmness and serenity over the proceedings, with just gorgeous vocals from Lance and stunning guitar, close your eyes and just drown in the musical majesty of this track.

To close, ‘Tell The Truth’ finishes again on a high heavier note, just to make sure that you don’t leave this album out of your collection……and seriously why would you?

‘Tell The Truth’, to tell you the truth,  cleverly nods to honky-tonk and blues whilst injecting it with a heavy dose of good old rock and roll.  Always uplifting, even when singing about the downside of rock n roll temptations, Lance Lopez has obviously lived the life ….. but he has also come out on the other side with a wry smile on his face.  But what really hits the spot is his amazing vocal quality which reminded me a lot of Danny Joe Brown of Molly Hatchet fame……liquid gold, I could just listen to his voice for ever! 

SCORE: 8 out of 10

REVIEWED BY: Fancijn Suermondt

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