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Michael Landau ‘Rock Bottom’ – Review

Genre: Blues / Jazz

Label: Provogue Records 

Release Date: Out Now


David Frazee, vocals

Alan Hertz, Drums

Teddy Landau, Bass

Michael Landau, Guitar & vocals

Track Listing:
1) Squirrels
2) Bad Friend
3) Getting Old
4) We All Feel the Same
5) We’re Alright
6) One Tear Away
7) Poor Dear
8) Freedom
9) Heaven in the Alley
10) Speak Now, Make Your Peace

The latest album from Michael Landau evokes sultry summery imagery of 1970’s Los Angeles and also captures memories of jazz from the 50’s and 1960’s Hendrix.

To begin, ‘Squirrels’ has a jazzy drumming opening, very unusual with hazy keyboards and electro combo. Clear and beautiful vocals which are lazy and super sexy. Really enjoyed this actually ….perfect for waking up in your Malibu beach house and sipping that strong coffee whilst you look over the ocean.

‘Bad Friend’, brings it to the table with a Ray Vaughan and rock combo of great skins, keyboards and blues guitar. Again unusual and not what I expected at all …..Manically tempting us back and forth to that friend that we know is so bad for us but that we have such a great time with too! Brilliantly crafted and full of surprises!

‘Gettin Old’ has the back beat of jazz rhythmic style excellently played by Alan Hertz on the drums together with blues and jazz inspired guitar …..Slowly making us feel that he inevitable is ok ….just enjoy the ride!

‘We All Feel The Same’, has Quentin Tarantino inspired strumming which leads into a laid back track with a 70’s funky guitar back drop and organ that is almost talking out to you and telling the story alongside David Frazee’s vocals.

‘We’re Alright’ is upbeat and brings a tribal pace to a nicely rocking thundering track, proving that blues is not the only influence to this album, screaming guitar and matching vocals make this the perfect old school rock track for your pleasure!

‘One Tear Away’ slow and sexy, this track is perfect for that late all-nighter …….drown your sorrows in this statement shot of sour break up whisky, oh go on maybe one more then …

With the easy to listen to ‘Poor Dear’ and its vague hint of Robert Palmer leading into a nod to Ella Fitzgeralds ‘Summertime’…. with ‘Freedom’, this album has enough going on to keep the interest and surprise you at every turn.

‘Rock Bottom’ finishes with the sultry ‘Heaven in the Alley’ with its hint of Robert Plant vocals and tiny touch of The Beatles ‘Strawberry Fields’ keyboards in the background of the chorus. Before the absolute final track ‘Speak Now, Make Your Peace’ encompasses all of the obvious influences that these boys enjoy, slow and deep Jimi Hendrix being the most obvious.

This album is engaging…..imagine owning your own hideaway in the Hollywood Hills and you have invited all your beatnik musician friends from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s to play in your hippy garden on a hot, sultry, summer’s night…..mash it up and you have this musical treat.
Evoking good times and memories and for that I give this….

8 out of 10.

Reviewed by Francijn Suermondt

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