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Released by: Circus Cannon

Release date: 26th February 2018

Line up:

Kirk – Guitar, Vocals

Gavin – Guitar, drums, vocals

Joe – Drums, bass

Alex – Guitar, bass


  1. Ostrich
  2. In the Reels
  3. Earth Cry
  4. Hex

Describing themselves as “four noisy, psychedelic bastards from London” you could be forgiven for expecting something in the region of Pink Floyd circa 1968 only perhaps with a pumped up volume and a harder edge reflective of the modern times we live in…   Not so.  This all too short, self produced EP is a demonstration of honed musicianship and first class talent way beyond my expectations.  Self genred as “Psychedelic” in my estimation they would slip very easily into the “Progressive Rock” category which may not be popular right now (was it ever?) but it can’t be denied that prog has produced some of the most multi talented musicians as well as some altogether deeper, more thought provoking music…

‘Wurlitzer’ is the bands second EP and in trying to represent four distinct personalities on this release, each member was tasked with taking creative control over a particular track, the result is fantastic although I would class the differences between the tracks as subtle rather than distinctive – they blend well and all are definitely easy on the ear. 

“Ostrich” is a nice spacey piece which eases the listener gently into this EP and along with finishing track “Hex” is lacking in vocals.   Vocals, where present on “In the Reels” and “Earth Cry” are faraway and echoey – an almost detached sound which has always appealed greatly to me. 

I can hear ghosts of influences resonating through this record and early Floyd is undeniably one of them, otherwise Circus Cannon are not immediately comparable to any other band which by today’s standards is no bad thing.

Info on Circus Cannon appears to be rather thin on the ground, maybe they prefer to remain enigmatic but I have it on good authority that they put on a hell of a live show! Oh, and did I mention they are multi instrumentalists?! Impressive.

SCORE: 10/10

REVIEWER: Karen Hetherington


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