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Tremonti – A Dying Machine Review

Released  by: Napalm Records

Release Date: June 8th, 2018

Genre: Metal/Rock



Line Up:

Mark Tremonti – Lead Vocals/Guitar

Eric Friedman – Guitar/Bass/Backing Vocals

Garrett Whitlock – Drums



 ‘Bringer of War’ 

 ‘From the Sky’ 

 ‘A Dying Machine’


 ‘Throw Them to the Lions’

 ‘Make It Hurt’


 ‘The First The Last’

 ‘A Lot Like Sin’

 ‘The Day When Legions Burned’

 ‘As The Silence Becomes Me’

‘Take You With Me’




Mark Tremonti was first introduced in 1993 in the band Creed and achieved several accolades during this time including a Grammy Award. In 2004 he helped form the band Alter Bridge and they are still active today. With his varied writing skills, he decided to start a solo side project to push his limits and he formed Tremonti which emerged in 2012, consisting of long-time friends and musicians.

Tremonti’s new album comes out on Friday, June 8th, 2018. This is their fourth full-length album. If you get an album this summer, get this one. There is going to be something on it you’ll like, it’s full of great tracks. With its wide range of different dynamics bouncing all over the spectrum.

As it highlights a few decades of musical influences which helped assemble the pieces for this concept album which is accompanied by a companion novel that Mark Tremonti is writing with award-winning author John Shirley. The collaboration of putting out a novel and the album together is another example of how he has made himself such a presence. Tremonti has always dreamed of writing a novel and now he is excited to mark it off his bucket list. The novel is kind of a sad science fiction story.

When I began listening to the songs, I thought to myself this sounds like a movie soundtrack. It is definitely an enjoyable journey.

Getting in your convertible and opening it up on the highway and starting your adventure with ‘Bringer of War’. As you are thundering on down the road ‘Trust’ helps keep you moving through traffic as your trip continues. Needing to stop for gas and some smokes, you end up driving through a one-stoplight town, with an old guy and his dog hanging out at the gas station as you continue on your way through ‘Traipse’. All gassed up, back on the road, still feeling the groove with ‘As the Silence Becomes Me’. With the sun going down and you see the sign 10 miles to go, everything is forged together with the instrumental ‘Found’ as you are pulling into your driveway embellishing the visions of the day’s adventures.

Several of these songs have already been released and are streaming and have had radio airplay. They are currently overseas touring but will be at the Louder Than Life festival in Louisville, Kentucky on September 28, 2018. I plan to try and check them out again at the festival myself.


Written by: Richard Hooks

Rating: 7/10



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