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Space Elevator – II Review

Released by: SPV/Steamhammer

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

The Duchess- Vocals
David Young- Guitar
Brian Green- Drums
Chas McQuire- Bass



1. Take the Pain
2. Talk Talk
3. World of Possibilities
4. The One That Got Away
5. Crazies (Take Me Home)
6. We Can Fly
7. All This Time
8. Far Away Boy
9. Lucky Girl
10. Keep Waiting
11. W.Y.T.A.T.
12. Queen For A Day


Genre-defying Space Elevator are back with their sophomore release and I for one am truly excited about that news. Their debut was an instant winner with me, with their songs jumping around to so many different styles it kept one guessing as to what to expect next. Not many bands can pull off doing that, but Space Elevator made it seem effortless. The Duchess and the boys took on the task of following up such an eclectic recording by… doing more of the same, yet nearly pinpointing their sound to a more singular style.

II seems to be a bit more focused stylistically. I felt they went for more of a straightforward pop-infused melodic rock sound, though still very quirky- kind of like what Queen did back in the day. The Duchess still has one of the best voices going- soulful, powerful, and with such clean control. She was definitely born for this gig without a doubt. You’ve got the pre-requisite rockers like the opener “Take the Pain,” “Crazies (Take Me Home),” and “Far Away Boy,” but the album leans a bit more towards the slower side with tasty tracks like “The One That Got Away,” “Lucky Girl,” and “World of Possibilities.” All apologies to the guys in the band, but the main focus is still that amazing voice. Of course, the band does a fantastic job delivering the goods on their end, but with a voice this brilliant, it’s tough to shine above it.

Space Elevator is still not a band one can quickly and easily shuffle off into one category or another, but they’ve definitely honed in on a particular sound that very much works, showcasing the talents of the musicians, but certainly putting the big spotlight on The Duchess. I’d love to see big things happen for Space Elevator, and II is an album that should be capable of creating big things for them. Only time will tell if it happens.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10


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