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The Lazys & The Lockhearts, live @ Black Heart, Camden, June 6 2018

Words & Pictures: Adrian Hextall \ MindHex Media 

If there’s one thing that will tempt an Aussie out of the shadows, it’s a beer. Thankfully the Black Heart in Camden is full of the stuff. An early trip to the venue and a significant number of taps to try means that even the worst band on the planet had the chance to sound great. Would a hazy Lazys sound better or was this to be something to look back on with fond memories.

With several tinnies under the belt, a short walk on the 45 degree floor (I’d never noticed that before in the pub) took us past the infamous bank of Black Heart dunnys (dunnies?) and up the stairs to the main venue and stage.

The Lockhearts

Opening the show was fellow Aussie outfit The Lockhearts. Kicking off to an initially small crowd that later thankfully filled up, the played a laid back set that felt more like the name of the band that was to follow. Things picked though, thanks in no small part to the animated faces of the guitarist and bass player who look like they’ve just won a Kim Thayll look alike competition whilst vocalist Tim Meaco clearly decided he wanted to play ‘which member of Soundgarden am I today’ and went for blonde Chris Cornell. 

Their brand of Americana Doom Fuzz needs repeated listening to really get the head into the right place to appreciate them but once it sticks it sticks and I feel seeing them live for a second time will help get the band under my skin and into my brain for good. 

The Lazys

By the time The Lazys took to the stage, the venue was pretty full, not bad for a band who only ‘those in the know’ were really aware of. Thankfully for those people, their punt at a new act rewarded them with a set that delivered classic high-tempo Aussie rock n roll that got the crowd moving. Simple, straightforward, uncomplicated, complimenting my pint of diesel fuel perfectly. 

Firsts in the air, grins, gurning faces (check the photos) quality musicianship, The Lazy’s set deserves a bigger venue and a bigger crowd there to enjoy but the 150 odd people make the most of the show and show their appreciation with another round of rapturous applause and loud cheers. It’s a response that spurs the band on and we see Leon Harrison jumping as high as the small stage and low roof will allow before Matty Morris takes his guitar and finds his way over to the bar to stand on it and play a few cramped solos. It all adds to a great atmosphere and helps end a memorable night. 

The finish with a cover of an AC/DC number (of course!) and as ‘Highway to Hell’ rings out, the lads from The Lockhearts join them on stage for a raucous finale. 

Let’s hope the album ‘Tropical Hazards’ does the business and helps draw in the crowd next time around. Maybe a tour with Danko Jones is what we need here… the perfect match up I think. 

The Lazys are: 
Leon Harrison – Vocals
Matty Morris – Lead Guitar
Glenn Williams – Bass
Liam Shearer – Rhythm Guitar
Andy Nielsen – Drums

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