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Gioeli Castronovo – Set The World on Fire Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: July 13th, 2018

Genre: Melodic Rock



Line Up:

Johnny Gioeli vocals

Deen Castronovo vocals, drums

Alessandro Del Vecchio keyboards, backing vocals

Mario Percudani guitars

Nik Mazzucconi bass



1. Set The World On Fire

2. Through

3. Who I Am

4. Fall Like An Angel

5. It’s All About You

6. Need You Now

7. Ride Of Your Life

8. Mother

9. Walk With Me

10. Run For Your Life

11. Remember Me

12. Let Me Out


I am a lifelong fan of Journey, and while I never saw them in concert, I did see Bad English, front row. I got a Deen Castronovo drumstick, and I kept it until I had kids. Then, it mysteriously disappeared. He is an amazing drummer and a great singer too. His vocals on Journey’s ‘Still They Ride’ are every bit as good as any other Journey ballad.

Deen and Johnny Gioeli were in Hardline together in 1992. Castronovo has been with Ozzy, and currently with Revolution Saints and The Dead Daisies, while Gioeli has continued with Hardline. They recently reunited after Castronovo’s ‘departure’ from Journey.

The album they came up with, ‘Set The World on Fire’ is simply amazing. My first reaction was ‘Its Journey with BALLS!’ As I listened, I realized that while it has the power/arena rock feel to it, it also has a technical aspect within the music. The musicians are all very talented, and they show it proudly.

The title track has a guitar shredder quality. The vocals are stellar because Gioeli and Castronovo are both gifted singers, and they trade off lead vocals. Of course, the vocal harmonies are incredible. ‘Fall Like An Angel’ starts off with a keyboard hook followed with a vocal harmony break that is angelic. ‘Who I am’ kind of has a Bon Jovi ballad feel to it. There is quite a bit of Journey influence, but this band has a style all their own. There is a cover of Lady Antebellum’s ‘Need You Now.’ I didn’t realize it was a cover until the chorus. They made it their own. ‘Ride of your Life’ starts with a piano intro, followed by vocals, then a bit of drums that launches into another driving tune.

I could really go on and on. Every song on this album could be a hit. 12 songs worth of awesome. Gioeli-Castronovo could easily be the next commercial rock giant. And, the musicianship will attract the musician crowd too. That’s a rare combination. This band kicks ass.


Written by: Bill Selby

Rating: 10/10


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