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The Night Flight Orchestra – Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough Review

Released by: Nuclear Blast

Release Date: June 29th, 2018

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Björn Strid | Vocals

David Andersson| Guitars

Sharlee D‘Angelo | Bass

Richard Larsson | Keyboard

Sebastian Forslund | Guitars, Percussion

Jonas Källsbäck | Drums



This Time
Turn toi Miami
Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough
Moments of Thunder
Lovers in the Rain
Can’t Be That Bad
Pretty Thing Closing In
Winged and Serpentine
The Last of the Independent Romantics


Twelve months after having released the groundbreaking ‘Amber Galactic’ it’s album number four of shooting star The Night Flight Orchestra that will be a delight for fans of melodic rock music.

What started as a more or less spontaneous idea 12 years ago on endless American highways evolved to one of the most inspiring AOR/classic rock bands in the here and now. The Night Flight Orchestra could score already some first wins with the first two records and it was the decisive third record that acted as an enormous boost for the Swedish outfit. ‘Amber Galactic’, the first album that came via Nuclear Blast, was and is a great delivery that comprises of hits only.

After having been on tour for some shows in late 2017 the sextet returned to the studio for working on their next album. End of June is the moment truth when fans of well-crafted rock music can welcome ‘Sometimes the World Ain’t Enough’. I can tell you already that the guys pick it up right where they left with ‘Amber Galactic’.

Twelve new songs contain everything you want to get offered by The Night Flight Orchestra. Big melodies are present all over the place and the fact that they are combined with rocking guitars makes this CD to a great soundtrack for the upcoming summer. It’s hard to pick out some tracks, but I will give it a try. Songs you should check out are the ‘Turn to Miami’ with its retro disco-rock expression, the AOR-like title track and the bombastic ‘Barcelona’. All these songs lead towards ‘The Last of the Independent Romantics’; the closer of this exquisite album. ‘The Last of the Independent Romantics’ is the by far longest track on the album. More than 9 minutes stand for a Grande Finale that couldn’t be more bombastic than what you get with this epos. The tune is a rocking firework that combines everything The Night Flight Orchestra stands for in one track.

I can recommend this album. The Night Flight Orchestra underlines their position in rock. Overall the years this powerhouse evolved too far more than just a project. These guys are a crucial part of contemporary rock and the new album is a next statement, which will strengthen their position. Good stuff.


Written by: Markus Wiedenmann

Ratings:  8/10


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