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The Fill Ins – No Love Lost EP Review

Release Date: 7/20/18

Genre: Rock



Line Up:

Alex Stiff: Vocals/Guitar
Mikey Black: Guitar/Vocals
James “Cap” Nunn: Bass/Vocals
Adam Patterson: Drums



1. No Love Lost
2. Strutter (KISS Cover)
3. Save The Rock
4. Drinkin’ Again


A band, no matter the circumstances, should continue with forward momentum if they wish to have any longevity. I know that sounds rather obvious, but the thing is, sometimes bands let things, big or small, get in the way of making it happen. Lost a member? Great, time to find a new one hopefully injecting new excitement to the band. Bad shows? Who cares, every band has bad shows…including the big bands. Fads have changed again? Big deal, unless you’re some weak fad band. You should be sticking to what you love and at some point, it will hopefully work out for that band/artist. One of those bands I keep rooting for is Charlotte, NC’s The Fill Ins. Since 2014’s Hipster Killers, I’ve kept a close eye on this local band, hoping beyond hope that they “make it” whatever that means. Since that time there’s been a couple more albums, some singles, EP’s, and their own Energy Drink! And just as it seems the band is on the right path, bam, something else gets in the way, this time the loss of drummer Adam Patterson. So do The Fill Ins just toss in the towel and call it a day? Hell no, they bring in new drummer Jared Wooten and keep it going.

They’re latest offering is another EP, No Love Lost, something that just sort of fell together in the studio while working on songs for a brand new album. Working once again with Fithman Studios and Steve Coleman at the production helm, Alex, Mikey, Cap, and Adam decided to add to a new track a cover and two re-workings of tracks from Hipster Killers. The brand new song is “No Love Lost” and it’s a great, straight-ahead hard rocking rock song delivered in that typical high octane Fill Ins style. Next up is a cover of the KISS classic “Strutter.” Alex and James are both huge KISS fans (like myself) and had added this one to their live set recently to great reaction. It’s a fairly faithful cover of it, though it has The Fill Ins distinct spin to it. Rounding out the collection are “Save the Rock” and “Drinkin’ Again,” both stand out tracks from the Hipster Killers album. It’s interesting to hear a bands take on songs down the road. Coming from an early point of creation to four years later since their release, they both still maintain the same raucous good time feel, only you can tell how much the band has grown since, and even how much the sound has changed going from Matt McCoy to Adam Patterson.

I still say The Fill Ins are one of Charlotte’s best-kept secrets, and I will continue to try and let that secret out. They’re such a fun band live, and a great group of guys too. I’ll be curious to hear the next thing with the new drummer. I’m glad that there is at least this EP documenting Adam’s time with the band. No Love Lost has definitely gotten my blood pumping for some new music from the guys, despite enjoying this EP collection. Forward momentum guys!


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 8/10

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