WYNCHESTER “Ridge Runner” Single and Video Release

With “Ridge Runner” the L.A. based Country duo WYNCHESTER featuring Mike Bray and John Konesky is going to release the first single off their upcoming, self-titled album, on June 15.

“A Ridge Runner has traditionally been the name given to someone who runs Moonshine, but to us it has a little different meaning. Ya see, our old pal Gary was a truck driver in the 70’s and 80’s, and when he wasn’t on long haul, he tore up the midwest with his band Gary and the Ridge Runner Band. Gary is definitely a character in the classic sense. A hard workin,’ beer drinkin,’ bad ass like they used to be. We tried our best to capture the untamed spirit that is Uncle Gary in our song Ridge Runner. An homage to classic bad-assery and an anthem for no fucks given.”

John Konesky (Wynchester)

“These days you see a lot of people looking backwards and for good reason. Folks didn’t have all the distractions we have today, they just lived… hard, fast, and fun. Every time we crack a cold one, fire up our old cars, or play a tune, we try to channel as much of that spirit as we can muster, and live life with the goal of squeezing every last drop of fun out of it we can. It’s the only way… It’s the Wynchester way.“

Mike Bray (Wynchester)

Spotify: Wynchester

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