Chad Nicefield of Wilson on New CD, Tasty Nasty – We Wanted to be Transparent as Possible as Who We are as a Band!


Interview   : Robert Cavuoto


After almost a decade of global fuckery, Wilson has done the opposite of what every other band seems to do—they stopped taking shit so seriously! In the process of their, “personal awakening” they forged a new path for themselves and their sound by combining their brand of in-your-face rock n roll with the influence of Hip-Hop and all things 90s.

Tasty Nasty is fresh, exciting, and most importantly fun! And it all started with a hit of acid after Chad Nicefield took a two-month trip to Asia to clear his head and pursue true happiness. Songs “Like a Baller” and “Dumptruck” provide roaring riffs, sing-along choruses, with self-deprecating/hilarious lyrics. The band consists of Chad Nicefield [vocals], Jason Spencer [lead guitar], Kyle Landry [rhythm guitar], James Lascu [bass] and Matt Puhy [drums].

I caught up with Chad while the band is on tour with Theory of a Deadman to talk about their new CD, Tasty Nasty, and the secret meaning behind global fuckery.

Robert Cavuoto: Tell me how the band was formed?

Chad Nicefield: The band started in East Lancing, IL in about 2010 when our guitar player Jason Spencer was going to Michigan State. Shortly after I met him in the band he was playing in, we started playing together as it started as a joke for free beer! We started to pretty well known locally. In 2012 we started to replace the members who were still playing for the beer and giggles with more appropriate touring members. We have been a serious band for about six years now starting with full time touring in 2013, and here we are in 2018 talking about the new CD Tasty Nasty.

Robert Cavuoto: How did the name of the band come about?

Chad Nicefield: As I mentioned when this band got together just to get free beer, we were going to play at a house party, and the guy asked Jason the name of the band to put on the flier, Jason just spat out Wilson. It never changed! [laughing]. It has nothing to do with Tom Hanks and the movie Castaway. The truth is we were just too fucking lazy to change it after that.

Robert Cavuoto: Tasty Nasty is a really a fun CD as you guys have a great sense of humor. How important is it to have the mix of fun and humor in music as I think it is something that has been missing for a while.

Chad Nicefield: That’s the whole ethos of our band as we are fun people. Like I mentioned the band was started as a way for us to write music, play for our friends, and get free beer. Over the years that really hasn’t ever really changed. Musically we got a less heavy compared to where we were. People grow up, musical tastes change, and with that, you begin to follow your gut instinct to where your mind is while not try to be something you are not. The only thing that hasn’t changed over the years is us being fun loving people and we bring that to the stage, and we bring that to our records. In particular with this record, we wanted that to be as evident and transparent as possible as that is who we are. We are here to have a good fucking time, and if you are too, we are your band, if not, then we are not your band [laughing]. We hope you like to have a good time in life because it would suck living otherwise.

Robert Cavuoto: It sounds as if you did a paradigm shift on this CD from your previous ones. Was it difficult to change direction as well as get the other band members on to new mindset?

Chad Nicefield:  When you are going to take a leap into a completely unknown territory from what you have done, fear is going to be there as it is the biggest trial and tribulation of being human; fear of the unknown. I think our band was ready for it. We want to continue happily and won’t be a band if we didn’t make this change. I think it was a necessary shift and once the train started to take off the station, we started to feel confident in the direction that we were headed.

Robert Cavuoto: You combine a lot of different musical styles within each song. Tell me about the group’s collective creative backgrounds in those areas to create your blend of music.

Chad Nicefield: There was no conscious thing, we were just following what we love about music and came to love about music. We were born in the 80’s and were raised in the 90’s so during that period of time musical we followed our hearts and souls and became musicians learning to play our instruments. That’s translated throughout this record that we brought the exact reason why we started this all, to begin with. There were no-holds-barred, I listen to a lot of hip-hop which is primarily the music you would find me listening in my headphone. With that, I also listen to newer rock music that has the feeling of the 90s and grew up listening to. You won’t catch me listening to heavy metal nowadays. We just follow what we love.

Robert Cavuoto: You are on tour with Theory of a Deadman; tell me about touring together and how your musical styles blend.

Chad Nicefield: It’s been going great. We took a year and a half off from the road to make this record, readjust our minds and find our inner souls. After about show two or three we got back into the groove of being back on the road like we had been for years prior. We are back to it, and the shows are great. There have been a lot of sold out shows, and the audiences are eating it up, and we are having a great time. There couldn’t be a better first go back at it with Theory as they are great people.

Robert Cavuoto: You have a song called “House of Fuckery” on the new CD and an older CD entitled Full Blast Fuckery. Can you give me an example of some Wilson fuckery while on the road?

Chad Nicefield: The thing about our band is every day is about fuckery for us. We wake up doing whatever the fuck we want to do with the people we want to be with. I believe that is the true form of fuckery and not giving a fuck what others think. There is no real-deal fuckery than being who you are. No apologies. We have been through a lot of craziness as a band from years of touring and find ourselves in crazy situations. Tonight we are playing at a venue we played a few years prior. Our tour manager at the time got himself lost in the venue drunkenly when he was looking for a special place to be with a female companion. He wandered into an unfinished room and fell through the floor two stories only to land on the promoter’s office desk while he was paying the headline band which happened to be Theory of a Deadman. He was pretty banged up with no broken bones, just a damaged ego! Here we are touring with them again at the exact same place.



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