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Back To Eden – Blackened Heart Review

Released by: Hellfire Records Australia

Release date: Out Now

Genre: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock




Edan Hoy- Guitar & Bass

Aliz Kasim- Vocals


Track Listing:

1. Temptation

2. Twin Flame

3. Illusion

4. Blackened Heart

5. Devil In Disguise


I’ve been pretty open about my general disdain for Modern Hard Rock (you know the stuff that gets played on the radio that your Mom thinks is heavy metal.) Most of the time when I check out a band that even has a hint of that sound I typically will pass it for review purposes. As I have said countless times if it is not a genre I like I see no point in writing an essay on, “Why I Hate Nickelback.” However, there are a handful of bands that fall into this tedious category that I actually have a deep love and appreciation for (like Alter Bridge and Shinedown as examples,) and every once in a while I will hear a newer band pop up (typically during a spree of review potentials) that make me take notice. This time around it is Australian band Back To Eden.

Their EP entitled Blackened Heart contains five fairly strong, memorable rockers. The catch is that they’ve managed to take the Modern Hard Rock approach while injecting it with things one would expect from an 80’s Hard Rock throwback type band. The guitars are a bit heavier than their contemporaries while not losing that pop catch. Since there are only five tracks, the band has to demonstrate their abilities to compose great songs, there’s no time for filler. “Temptation” is a great crunchy, powerful anthemic opener that’s like Alter Bridge channelling their inner Accept. As the EP progresses so does their abilities. “Twin Flame” is almost a Judas Priest-like metal power track which goes into the more contemporary sounding “Illusion” and ”Blackened Heart.” “Devil In Disguise” closes the EP in great form tapping back into the perfect mix of Modern and Classic sounds.

Overall I thought Back To Eden’s EP Blackened Heart was a nice taste of what they’re capable of. They have the potential to create a bit of buzz about them and should be able to generate some talk if they catch on at the right moment. It’s nice to be able to hear a bit of Modern Hard Rock and not automatically want to gouge out my ears hearing the same trite riffs and droning vocals. Back To Eden have managed to find the right balance between the two. Let’s hope they stay on the same path.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 8/10

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