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Destinia – Metal Souls Review

Released by: Frontiers Music Srl

Release date: Out Now

Genre: Heavy Metal

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Nozomu Wakai- Guitars

Rocky Romero- Vocals

Marco Mendoza- Bass

Tommy Alrdidge- Drums


Track Listing:

1. Metal Souls

2. Rain

3. The End of Love

4. Promised Land

5. Take Me Home

6. Raise Your Fist

7. Be A Hero

8. Metamorphosis

9. Cross the Line

10. Judgment Day

11. Ready For Rock


You’ve got to have some superstar cache if you can call in the talents of Tommy Aldridge, Marco Mendoza, and Rocky Romero to join your band. And that’s exactly what Japanese guitarist Nozomu Wakai did for his third release under the name Destinia. I was completely unfamiliar with Wakai and Destinia. I assumed it was some Power Metal band, but was pleasantly surprised that it was a pretty straightforward hard rock/metal album in the same vein as Dio and Whitesnake. Rocky Romero is becoming somewhat of a go-to singer for projects and whatnot since coming on to the scene with his band Lords of Black and a little thing called Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow. With the legendary Aldridge and powerhouse bass sensation in Mendoza, at the very least you have the great potential to create something magical.

Metal Souls is truly magical, and a fantastic piece of metal badassery. Take away the calibre of musicians listed above, Nozomu is a monster guitarist. Wavering between a shredder and having a great ear for what suits the song the best, his guitar work is brilliant. Not only can he set fire to a fretboard with stunning speed and ability, he also has a keen sense of melody and making excellent riffs, and most importantly, writing memorable songs. Tossing in the rest of the guys into the mix, you’ve got an album that is sure to turn some heads once it gets some exposure. With songs like “End of Love,” “Promised Land,” “Take Me Home,” “Ready To Rock” and Rain” you have a certified scorcher of a metal album.

I knew nothing going on, so imagine my surprise when the first song opens and this band I’ve never heard of hits the mark every step of the way with every single song, creating metal magic not seen in a very long time. This is two killer albums this year from Romero, proving, again and again, he is the new golden-throated god of the metal world, providing something the world has been greatly missing since the passing of Ronnie James. On top of that, the metal world gains a brand new guitar titan in Nozomu Wakai. This is a helluva an album, and one I will listen to again and again over the years to come. Destinia’s Metal Souls is a wonderful surprise for a great year in music thus far.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10


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