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Paul Miro’s Sinombre II – Broken Angels : Review

Released By: Paul Miro
Release Date: Out Now
Line Up:
Written, Performed, Recorded, Mixed & Engineered By Paul Miro
1. Nothing Left Here (Part III)
2. The Big Blowdown
3. Light Of The World
4. Build My Gallows High
5. Ghosthouse
6. Blue Hour’s Red Light
7. Free And Equal
8. Nichts Mehr Geben
9. Dark Night Of The Soul
10. Dimwstring
11. Too Late Now
12. This Is Your Life
13. The Last Siren
14. Broken Angel
15. Give Something Back
16. Nothing Left Here (Part IV)
This is the second release under the working title Sinombre for Paul Miro.  Miro has had a 20 plus year career at the forefront of the UK rock scene, most notably from the mid-nineties with Apes, Pigs and Spacemen.  Aside from this he has contributed to over 2000 songs for TV shows, feature films and numerous artists.  There is a high probability that you are familiar with some of his work without even realising it. 
Broken Angels is a cleverly arranged and intelligently produced album, rich in southern-styled guitars, alt rock infusions and experimentation with the versatility at Miro’s disposal.  Having emerged from his acoustic cocoon with this new sound, his songwriting style could be described as eclectic but therein lies the beauty of the music.  This album keeps giving the more you listen.   You can hear the southern influences on tracks such as ‘Blue Hour’s, Red Light’, ‘Too Late Now’ and ‘This Is Your Life’.  With the brooding intensity of ‘Dark Night of The Soul’ and classic rock riffs of ‘Light Of The World’ and ‘Free & Equal’, Miro showcases a massive vocal range and a maturity to the lyricism.  The title track ‘Broken Angel’ oozes soul and there are moments of magic throughout these 16 tracks.  There are some experimental tunes in ‘Ghosthouse’, ‘Nichts Mehr Geben’ and ‘The Last Siren’, which showcase Miro’s consistently stylish approach to his endeavours.
If you could combine touches of Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi) and Jon Harris (Sunna) then this is quite close to what you would get. Paul Miro has showcased an album of many varied styles all under his unmistakable umbrella.

Rating – 8/10

Reviewers – Stefan Putwain & Simon Kneller 


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