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Satan – Cruel Magic Review

Released by: Metal Blade

Release date: Out Now

Genre: Heavy Metal

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Brian Ross – Vocals

Russ Tippins – Guitars

Steve Ramsey – Guitars

Graeme English – Bass

Sean Taylor – Drums


Track Listing:

01. Into the Mouth of Eternity

02. Cruel Magic

03.The Doomsday Clock

04. Legions Hellbound

05. Ophidian

06. My Prophetic Soul

07. Death Knell for a King

08. Who Among Us

09. Ghosts of Monongah

10. Mortality


There are a ton of bands from the NWOBHM era, and just as many new bands inspired by that sound, that tries to recapture the same feel, spirit, and vibe of that style of Metal. Some get it right, some fail dismally. One band that got it right back in the early days and is still hitting it fast and hard is Satan. Perhaps not as widely known outside of the Metal world as some of their compatriots, but easily one of the most integral. Hailed as being one of the first bands to truly hone in on a speedier sound that would forge the genres of Speed and Thrash Metal. Not to simply sit back on their past accolades, the band, since reuniting, has unleashed two albums of new music that proves they’re just as vibrant and vital as ever.

The latest, Cruel Magic, is a tour de force of old-school Metal Satan has been known for, yet they’ve managed to update their style with a bit more ferocity without losing one of the main things that were always integral to their sound: riffs. Cruel Magic is an air guitarists dream, chock full of high speed/high energy riffage provided by the remaining two original members Russ Tippens and Steve Ramsey. Both have lost zero-edged and are at the top of their game. Steve Ross, the singer since the reunion, has one of the best voices of the genre- melodic yet commanding, his talent drives the songs while the rhythm section of bassist Graeme English and drummer Sean Taylor layer on the Heavy Metal  Thunder to seal the deal. Where the album shines the most are the songs. From start to finish it is all killer no filler, yet songs like “The Doomsday Clock,” “Into the Mouth of Eternity,” “Who Among Us,” and “Death Knell For A King” demonstrate the true strength of Satan- the ability to write memorable songs that are concise and to the point without having to be flashy about it; they just write perfect Metal songs.

If you haven’t already it is time to pledge your allegiance to Satan. Cruel Magic is pure Metal bliss guaranteed to get your blood (and fists) pumping. It is a testament to a bands staying power to be around as long as they have and still able to put out top-notch material. Young bands take note: Satan is the blueprint if you wish to venture down this path.

Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10

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