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Brant Bjork – Mankind Woman Review

Released by: Brant Bjork

Release Date: September 14, 2018

Genre: Stoner/ Desert Rock






Guitar/ Vocals: Brant Bjork

Bass: Dave Dinsmore

Drums: Ryan Güt

Guitar: Bubba DuPree



1. Choclatize

2. Lazy Wizrds

3. Pisces

4. Mankind Woman

5. Swagger & Sway

6. Somebody

7. Pretty Hairy

8. Brand New Old Times

9. 1968

10. Nation Of Indica


Brant Bjork is one of the leading pioneers of the desert/ stoner sound. And with each album he releases, he proves it. Since his days of Kyuss, his sound has been unmistakably his, and he is recognized as the top artist in the genre. On September 14th, his newest album ‘Mankind Woman’ comes out, and it’s another stellar collection of stoner tunes from the genres premier player.

Right from the first guitar riffs of ‘Choclatize’, you can tell this is Brant Bjork. His guitar sound is signature and key to his albums. ‘Choclatize’ sets the tone and drops you on that desert road for the start of this journey right away. ‘Lazy Wizards’ and ‘Pisces’ are both great jams and put out such a great vibe. ‘Charlie Gin’ is a little more uptempo from the last and the title track ‘Mankind Woman’ is the classic Brant signature tune that has a great groove to it.

‘Swagger & Sway’ is killer, killer, killer. ‘Someboday’ and ‘Pretty Hairy’ follow and keep make for some great listening tunes. The guitar work is fantastic throughout the album. The musicianship is showing on all the songs, and Brant is quite the guitarist. Truly believe that each song gets better as the album progresses from one song to the next. And you find yourself adjusting the volume a little higher as each kick ass song goes by.

‘Brand New Old Times’ gives you that feeling of being in the seventies, driving down the desert road with the convertible top down, and just cruising along with the wind in your hair. This is a great song, wish it was a bit longer, can’t get enough of that riff on this one. The album finishes off with the songs ‘1968’ and ‘Nation Of Indica’. You realize that every song was a jam you wished would never end. The infectious grooves from the low end and the killer sound of the guitars have you wishing every song was twenty minutes long. Another Brandt Bjork album to sit back and smoke the day away too.

Every tune you listen to from Brant Bjork is a reminder to how good his music is. Pick any album from his catalog and you won’t be disappointed. ‘Mankind Woman’ is just the newest classic album Brant has. When he hits the road to support it, make sure you get out to see him. He’s great live, seen him a couple years ago in Toronto, and have been waiting for him to return ever since. It’s a must-see show. As for the new album, just like any album from Brant, the best thing to do when it’s over is go back to the beginning and listen to it again.


Written by: Pam and Mark Schaff

Ratings:  9/10

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