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Mia Klose – Stonger Review

Released by: Self

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: 80’s Rock/Metal



Line Up:

Mia Klose: Vocals
C-Rexx: Bass
Jonny Nonsense: Guitar
Kalle Arheden: Guitar
Henry Rogers: Drums



Not The One
Living In A Fantasy
Winning This Game
Gimme Gimme
Memory Lane
One More Night
Living For Love
Don’t Give Up
Time To Rock


Every music lover has something in their collection that they consider a guilty pleasure. You may put out the persona that you’re a dark, Satanic person, but there’s an ABBA song that will get your toe tapping. I don’t have guilty pleasures because frankly, I don’t feel guilt over anything that I love. I wave my freak flag high and will tell you upfront that I love Goatwhore as much as I love Air Supply, without being ironic. I don’t understand why you feel like you’ve got to secret away your Meatloaf albums, deny your love of Cyndi Lauper, feel regret that every…single…time you hear “All Out of Love” you know all the words and will sing them loud and proud in the comfort of your car or shower. I bring up guilty pleasures because as I was checking out an album I realized, this is a fantastic album, but there will be some that will deny its rightful place in the Hard Rock world.

Mia Klose is the artists and the album is called Stronger. I went in not knowing who she was, though guessing it was going to be probably poppy, glammy Hard Rock. I pretty much hit the nail on the head. Klose’s vocal delivery is somewhere between old school Janet Gardner and current day Katy Perry. Musically it is easily right there with polished Def Leppard with hints of Vixen. The more I listened to the album the more I came to really love it. It’s simple and to the point, very inspirational lyrically (though I may have to dock a point off the final grade because they can be kind of cheesy,) yet within this glossy pop feel is a really entertaining hard rocking album full of melodic sensibility and catchy songs. It may not be Album of the Year potential for most, but this is going to be an album that people will want to hear for when it comes to good-time music.

Some bands are all about being taken seriously, and there is a place for that. However, there is just as much room for fun music, ear candy, a palette cleanser (if you will) between serious stuff. This is the perfect album for blasting down the highway during the summer, with the top down, and the car loaded with your besties. I know that some folks with absolutely loathe this album, but you’re missing out on a great record that is full of fun tunes and a great voice. This album would’ve been huge in the late 80’s, and if it can catch on to the run of nostalgia then it might do fairly well. Mia Klose’s Stronger is a blast down memory lane for us old fogies that long for those old days of big hair and painted faces.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 8/10


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