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Mother Feather – Constellation Baby review

Genre: Glam Rock / Pop Rock / Alt-Rock 

Released: November 2nd 2018

Label: Metal Blade


1. Red Hot Metal
2. Man, I Wish You Were Here
3. ICU
4. Snakebite
5. Desert Island
6. Constellation Baby
7. Totally Awesome
8. Shake Your Magic 8 Ball
9. Supernatural
10. I Blow A Kiss


Ann Courtney – vocals
Elizabeth Carena – vocals | keyboards
Chris Foley – guitar
Gunnar Olsen – drums
Seth Ondracek – bass

Mother Feather online:

Looking rather like a cross between ‘Kiss’, ‘David Bowie’ and with a soupcon of ‘Goldfrapp’, I have to say I was pretty much relishing the opportunity to review Mother Feather’s ‘Constellation Baby’. 

The glam rock n rollers have been making waves with their live wire shows and now, after their 2016 self-titled debut on Metal Blade Records, Mother Feather have returned with ‘Constellation Baby’.

‘Red Hot Metal’ opens the album with a nice off key guitar, in a garage/grunge vein, before opening out to a symphony of dark yet uplifting chorus and vocal perfection from Ann Courtney. 


 ‘Man I Wish You Were Here’ has a gorgeously feedback start and then proceeds into the perfect ‘Siouxsie and The Banshees’ backbeat. The vocals match the tribal drum beat and 80’s guitar perfectly.

‘ICU’ brings a touch of the Phil Spector back beat with the intro and then moves into a glam rock modern day Ronettes of a tune, in a Green Day garage skateboard rock stylie.

The AWESOME ‘Snakebite’ really shows off the harmony of the vocals between Ann and Elizabeth and would be the perfect theme tune for any Quentin Tarantino movie.  In fact the music could almost be the coolest gang of chicanos ‘Tito & Tarantula’ masquerading as the vampire house band in ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ and giving an encore to their ‘Cucarachas Enojadas’ just before things get bitey!

The more chilled and melodic offerings of ‘Desert Island’ and the title track ‘Constellation Baby’ and are truly a treat to lay back and close your eyes to. 

‘Totally Awesome’ brings a taste of PJ Harvey to this collection of uplifting tracks, in a heavy call to action of all things …well…totally awesome ( I especially like the mention of C3PO…and jolly well deserved if you ask me!)

‘Shake Your Magic 8 Ball’ excels in its whining, whirring dark guitar and strong drumming, whilst ‘Supernatural’ has an almost ‘Muse’ feel to the vocals cleverly intertwined with superb sympathetically executed musicianship.

The album closes with ‘I Blow A Kiss’, a sparkling stellar performance, perfect for star gazing to. Dreamy and with beautiful vocal intro, it is combine with luscious and really heavy guitar which intercepts and washes over you periodically throughout….I could listen to this all day

These mothers really have tickled my glam pop rock feather with ‘Constellation Baby’.  Kookie and fun, but no less talented for this, you can totally see why Mother Feather have opened for bands such as the B 52’s in the past.

As an out and out classic rock lover, I was surprised how much I enjoyed this album, actually it took me right back to my youth and my love of bands, when I was a teenage dirtbag, such as Souxsie and the Banshees and Phil Spector’s ‘The Crystals’ (of ‘Da Doo Ron Ron’ fame) mashed together with a taste of Goldfrapp and a good slice of skateboard garage punk pop.

Ann Courtney has already stated that “I am greedy for fans. I want to go to Japan, more of Europe, South America, and scoop up mother feathers everywhere we go. They are everywhere, and I want to find them.” …… well, young lady, you can scoop me up, as you have one more fan in deepest darkest Devon in the UK now!

A very clever and inspiring 9/10

Review by Francijn Suermondt

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