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Clutch – Book Of Bad Decisions Review

Released by: Clutch

Release Date: September 7, 2018

Genre: Rock




Guitar/ Vocals: Neil Fallon

Bass: Dan Maines

Drums: Jean-Paul Gaster

Guitar : Tim Sult



1. Gimme The Keys

2. Spirit Of ’76

3. Book Of Bad Decisions

4. How To SHake Hands

5. In Walks Barbarella

6. Vision Quest

7. Weird Times

8. Emily Dickinson

9. Sonic Counselor

10. A Good Fire

11. Ghoul Wrangler

12. H. B. Is In Control

13. Hot Bottom Feeder

14. Paper & Strife

15. Lorelei


Every time I hear there’s a new Clutch record coming, it’s always a time of anticipation. Clutch formed in Frederick, Maryland back in 1991 and have given us twelve studio albums to this point, and they are all as good as it gets for rock. Anyone who says rock is dead needs to get a Clutch album and see for themselves it’s not anywhere near gone. Neil Fallon, Tim Sult, Dan Maines, and Jean-Paul Gaster were all high school mates and have remained the band’s members for every album they’ve released. Beside twelve studio albums, there are plenty of B-sides, rare tracks and live albums they’ve put out as well. On September 7, 2018, Clutch gave us the newest album ‘Book Of Bad Decisions’, put out on their own record label Weathermaker Music, and as expected, it’s as good as anything else the bands done in the past.

Right from the start, the first note, and definitely the first sound of Neil’s voice. This is unmistakably Clutch. The signature sound they have is known by anyone that has heard the band before. ‘Gimme The Keys’ and ‘Spirit Of 76’ get this album under way. Neil has a way of giving us lyrics that stick in our heads, and he delivers them to us in a different way for each song Clutch does. The title song ‘Book Of bad Decisions’ to me shows the best of what Clutch does. Love this song from beginning to end. And it has that trademark riffage that you can’t help but get fired up to when you listen to it. One good thing about Clutch is that they don’t change things up too much from their sound. If you like the first album, you’ll love all twelve and everything in between.

‘How To Shake Hands’ is another fun tune followed by ‘In Walks Barbarella’ and ‘Vision Quest’. The guys are firing on all cylinders right now. And this album is just another that has that great fuzz filled sound, songs, and entertaining feeling that Clutch fans have come to expect from the band. Tim Sult is one of rocks premier guitarists, Dan Maines, and Jean-Paul Gaster are one of the top rhythm sections you’ll find anywhere. Clutch can fill an album with killer tunes, and continue to do so with each record they put out. ‘Sonic Counselor’ and ‘A Good Five’ stand out on the latter side of this album. As does songs like ‘H.B. Is In Control’ and ‘Paper & Strife’. I’m not sure that you’ll find a song you don’t like here. Just like the last album ‘Psychic Warfare’, It rips along from start to finish and you wish it didn’t end. Making ‘Book Of Bad Decisions’ another instant classic from the guys. And as usual, Clutch has given us a high energy, a fast-paced album that lasts almost a full hour. So there’s no shortage of time on this one.
Do yourself a favor, go out and grab a copy in some form of this killer album.

There is no doubt that Clutch has become one of the greatest modern rock bands of my generation. Look no further than the new album ‘Book Of Bad Decisions’ as proof of that. I’ve seen them live numerous times and can tell you that you get a different show every night. I’m not sure there’s another band today that will keep more playable, rehearsed songs on tour than they do. Which always makes for a great time if you get out and see them multiple times as everyone should! They are a definite must see live if they’re near you, or take a drive, you won’t be sorry. We may all have our own book of bad decisions in our lifetime, but one of them can’t be taking the time to listen to Clutch at some point. That’s one of the best you’ll ever make.


Written by : Mark Schaff

Ratings: 9/10


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