The Snuts, live at the Bodega Social Club – Monday 8th October 2018

The atmosphere of the show was buzzing and uplifting. Song after the song the audience got louder and more involved....

Live Review and Pictures: Ellie Blackman


One of the new bands on the scene at the moment but one nonetheless that is generating quite a buzz right now. The Snuts are already beginning to craft an undeniably magnetic following, having captured the imagination of fans across Scotland with their early demos and infamously anthemic, all-encompassing live show. Their debut headline show in Glasgow’s King Tuts in December 2017 sold out in a matter of hours and the opportunity to catch them in Nottingham was one that we at MyGlobalMind could not miss.

A brilliant show at the Bodega Social, to start of the night you had ‘Honeymoon Suite’ which were great they worked so well with such little time as they were only told about the show at 3pm that afternoon. The band from Derby had some great songs although I may not have got all of the songs they had played it was a really good start to the night. A particular favourite of mine was one of their singles that only came out his year Arcade it was a song that got the audience involved and was relatable.

Honeymoon Suite – George (Bass), Tom (Drums), Lou (Guitar/Vocal), Will (Main Vocals)

Eco Warrior

I’m Your Boy



When did it get so dark?

Followed up by Kynch who worked amazingly well with the crowd and started to get the crowd going for when The Snuts, there were a few Kynch fans in the crowd who got really into the music. I loved the instrumental intro for ‘One for the Road’ as did the rest of the audience I liked the roughness of the song and could connect with the lyrics.

Kynch – Jack (Guitar/vocals), Will (Drums/Vocals), Will (Bass)


Where did it all go right?

I’m not ready

One for the road

Take your time

Last but most definitely not least The Snuts came on the stage, there were particular fans that were there were very enthusiastic and sung along, the Scottish band played well with the audience throughout the show more and more people had turned up until the main event when the venue was completely packed with fans of the band. The atmosphere of the show was buzzing and up lifting. Song after the song the audience got louder and more involved as they played their most popular and some of their more recent songs. Saving the best till last ‘Sing for your Supper’ where everyone sang along with the band to the fairly slow song the song an indie vibe to it and was very different to some of the other songs like ‘Manhattan Project’ which is more of a punk rock which made the crowd dance which lead to a small mosh pit in the middle of the room.

Overall the show was well executed and most, myself included, wished that it could have been longer. The growing band having only published their first few songs in 2016 have moved so far as now in 2018 are playing in venues around the country that if they were anything like the Bodega are packed full of fans.

The Snuts- Jack Cochrane, Joe McGillveray, Callum Wilson, Jordan Mackay


Manhattan Project





What’s going on?


Sing for your Supper


Tell Us How You Feel


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