Collateral – 4 Shots! E.P. Review

I'm looking for Collateral to deliver a 'Livin' On A Prayer' or 'You Give Love A Bad Name' for the 21st century....

Released: November 23rd 2018

Genre: Hard Rock 

Label: Roulette Records


Angelo Tristan – Guitar/Vox
Todd Winger – Guitar
Jack Bentley Smith – Bass
Ben Atkinson – Drums


Going With The Wind

Midnight Queen

Angels Crying

Just Waiting For You

Ripped jeans, cowboy boots, long hair and make up, Collateral are a band that look and sound like a stadium rock band. When the band started out they were known as the Angelo Tristan Band, with Angelo and Jack forming the nucleus of the band. Since then, almost 5 years ago, they have worked tirelessly to grow the act, the fanbase and the bands profile. In true rock and roll style, the ride hasn’t been easy for this 4 piece but their sheer grit and determination have seen them overcome obstacles and go from strength to strength. The past few years have been no exception, with the recent addition of new members Todd Winger (guitar) and Ben Atkinson (drums) and the release of their debut single ‘Midnight Queen’ the band seem even more focused and driven.

If you like Bon Jovi, The Eagles or Bryan Adams then Collateral (according to their press release) are the band for you! 

If that’s not enough to whet your appetite then their latest e.p. titled 4 Shots! is due for release on November 23rd, containing recent single Midnight Queen and three other tracks that really showcase the band and what they have to offer. 
The opening track, ‘Going With The Wind’ conjures forth pictures of classic Young Guns era Jon Bon Jovi, and whilst Collateral thankfully are not going down in a Blaze of Glory, they are instead moving in the right direction and looking to re-establish what I would call ‘Arena Rock’ to its rightful place in the hearts and minds of the music loving public. 

For too long now, good, classic, arena rock has been bypassed. You know the stuff, lighters in the air, 60,000 people singing the lyrics back to you word for word. That’s the impact Collateral are trying to have and by god…. they’re succeeding. 

Naturally for that type of music, comparisons have to be made and not surprisingly Todd Winger (could he be in anything other than a hard rock band with that surname?) peels off solos that owe a lot to Richie Sambora and Dare’s Vinny Burns.  

You can draw your own opinion from the Midnight Queen video above but it is layered with the should’ve, could’ve and would’ve sold a million copies minimum back when rock was great. Nowadays the band have to rely upon the live shows to draw the crowds in and having witnessed them on stage twice recently I can safely say that the opening act slot, for them, will soon be lost open once more as Collateral move higher and higher up the bill. 

This is a band born to play festivals like Ramblin’ Man Fair in Kent and to be honest this is an act that would also make the perfect opener for Bon Jovi when they return to the UK in 2019. Acts on the bill playing with a major artist like Bon Jovi have to be a fit. Currently Jon and Co. have the Manic Street Preachers supporting them….. an interesting choice for sure but maybe it is another left that feels right for the New Jersey outfit. This however feels like a right from the off. Just listen to Angels Crying to see why Collateral could capture the hearts and minds of 80,000 people at Wembley Stadium if they make the effort to turn up more than 10 minutes before the headliners take to the stage.

Shades of Guns ‘n Roses on the guitar, classic Poison and Angelo doing his very best Brett Michaels impressions on the vocals all driven by Jack and Ben make Angels Crying one of the best on here. 

They do however save the best till last. Just Waiting For You, has a riff straight out of Def Leppard and Phil Collen’s songbook. The track itself is comparable to Bon Jovi’s ‘Always’, carrying the same weight and emotion that made that song one of the fan favourites over the years.

It’s a lengthy song that allows the band to really draw upon their not inconsiderable talents, clocking in at nearly 6 minutes with pretty much everything bar the kitchen sink thrown into the mix. This should be (and hopefully will remain so) a part of any Collateral live show for years to come.

Overall these four tracks do exactly what I want them to do. They make me want to see the band live and more importantly they make me desperate to hear the full album when it is released next year. 2019 cannot come soon enough. I’d like to see a handful of tracks with more grit in them on the album as the e.p. has a tendency to veer towards to softer side of say Bon Jovi and it also explains the Eagles influences (who are also touring here next year!) but I’m looking for Collateral to deliver a ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’ or ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’ for the 21st century. If anyone can, the lads from Ramsgate can!

SCORE: 9\10

REVIWED BY: Adrian Hextall

In the meantime the E.P. launch show is on November 24th in Gravesend, Kent. Details below: 

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Photo Credit: Ange Cobham / Cobspix Photography

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