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Days Of Jupiter – Panoptical review

Release date: – 26/10/2018
Label: Metalville
Genre: Hard Rock
Janne Hilli – Vocals
Johnny Grenwald – Guitars
Marcus Lindman – Guitars
Magnus Larsson – Drums
Janne Karlsson – Bass 
Tracklisting :-
1) Swallow 
2) We All Die Young
3) I Am Fuel
4) Why
5) Panoptical
6) Black Hole
7) Sons Of War
8) The End Will Begin Again
9) Edge Of Everything
10) Shallow Side
11) Nine Tons Of Lies
12) Thiefs And Legends
Days of Jupiter were formed in 2010 and gained a popular following after a lot of hard work and sweaty gigs, and a second place in Sweden’s biggest competition for unsigned bands.  Their debut album, ‘Secrets Brought To Life’, was released in March 2012 to rave reviews and the band secured slots at famous festivals, including Sweden Rock.  Their second album, ‘Only Ashes Remain’, released in April 2015 and their third, ‘New Awakening’ in April 2017, has meant that their reputation is growing worldwide.  That brings you up to date with the story so far.
However, in this fair summer of 2018, Days of Jupiter, started recording their latest release, ‘Panoptical’, featuring blistering guitars, thundering drums, rumbling bass, but an overall melodic and cultured approach to what is an incredible album from start to finish.  The title track, a cutting critique of the ills of social media, displays perfectly why DOJ have been gaining such a prodigious reputation.  The sheer beauty of the guitars on ‘Black Hole’ is amazing.  Having a twin guitar attack adds depth to the songs and they include this epic ballad amidst a sea of crunchy riffs and soaring solos.  The sound could be said to be the middle ground between the metal core sound of Killswitch Engage and the nu metal sound of Disturbed, but the added touches of orchestral parts on ‘The End Will Begin Again’ really set this band apart in their own right.  ‘Shallow Side’ rounds off the slower, more deliberate tunes.   
‘Swallow’ kicks us off with the crunch and melody formula that works so well.  ‘We All Die Young’ mixes tempos but never forgets that killer riff.  ‘I Am Fuel’ is an epic metal tune that is one of many that really stir the soul with Janne Hilli’s impassioned vocals.  
It is really hard to single out my favourite track on the album, every song is an expertly-crafted masterpiece!  When I was handed this album to listen to I was advised that I might not have found my favourite song yet.  I quite adamantly disagreed and smiled, and said ‘I’m too set in my ways for that’.  But thank you to Days Of Jupiter for challenging that notion with this absolutely stunning album.  I cannot speak highly enough of this band.  This album has been on repeat since I received it!   
I am trying hard to find a fault with this album, it is everything I want to hear from a modern metal album.   Throughout the album, it is hard to ignore the attention to detail that the band have in creating monstrously heavy riffs in amongst the melodies and I am a complete sucker for guitars that swoop and scythe through songs.  This thoughtfully crafted work should ensure that ‘Days Of Jupiter’ conquer planet Earth.

SCORE: 10 out of 10 

Stefan Putwain

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