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Acacia Avenue – Worlds Apart Review

Released by: Perris Records

Release date: Out Now

Genre: AOR

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Torben Enevoldsen –  guitar, bass, vocals, and keyboards

Dennis Hansen -Drums,

Vocalist includes: Peter Sundell, Dagfinn Joensen, Torben Lysholm, Nicklas Sonne & Michael Bastholm Dahl.



01. Stand Up And Shout

02. Worlds Apart

03. Out Of Control

04. Fly Away

05. Mine All Mine

06. Straight To The Heart

07. Reaching Out

08. Seeing Is Believing

09 Don’t Chain My Heart

10. Wait For Love

11. Chasing Starlight


There are a handful of people whose names attached to an album tend to make it a no-brainer it’s going to be great. Maybe it’s me but if I see the names Jeff Scott Soto, Eric Martensson, and Magnus Karlsson (to name a few) I can pretty well take it to the bank I’m going to dig it quite a bit, if not out and out love it. I need to add another name to that list, the name of Torben Enevoldsen. From his excellent solo albums to his work with Rob Moratti, Fate, and Fatal Force, he’s made a nice catalog of music to add to his repertoire. Another project of his, Acacia Avenue, is releasing their fourth album, and easily their best.

Worlds Apart starts off strong with the anthemic “Stand Up and Shout” and doesn’t let go throughout the remainder of the album. Handling all the guitars, bass, and keyboards, as well as singing on a couple of tracks, he has created yet another melodic rock masterpiece. Adding to his master craft abilities is the vocal assistance of such talents as Peter Sundell, Dagfinn Jonesen, Torben Lysholm, Niklas Sonne, and Michael Bastholm Dahl and Dennis Hansen handling the bulk of the drum duties, Worlds Apart has so much to offer to fans of hard rocking melodic music. Fleet-fingered guitar work, catchy songs like “Out of Control,” “Straight To the Heart” and “Chasing Starlight” showing not just immense talent musically but also writing-wise, and a powerful line-up of some great singers, you can’t go wrong with this album.

Torben has been a favorite guitarist of mine since hearing him pop up on Tribute albums over the years, and once I started digging deeper into his other projects I grew a deep affinity not just for his skills on the fretboard but at his ability to write such fantastic songs. I think Acacia Avenue has always been his strongest and his true proving grounds for what he is capable of as a musician and songwriter. Worlds Apart is another piece of art he and those involved can hold out to show how great they truly are.

Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 8/10




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