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Fierce Atmospheres – Pariahs, Misfits, and Sinners Review

Released by: Independent Release for now

Release date: TBA/pre-release

Genre: Progressive Power Metal

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Eric J. Gosselin – Guitar

Taran DePablos – Vocals

Brent Sullivan – Bass

Bob Ordaz – Drums

Briant Daniel – Guitar



1. Pariahs, Misfits, and Sinners
2.. Hail To the King
3. Savior
4. The Hypnotized
5. One On One
6. Rise
7. Heaven To Pay
8. Forsaken
9. Fear the Blue Sky
10. Black and White Hozion
11. The Last Words


Funny how fate steps in and gives you opportunities in life you wouldn’t always get. My friends and I were hanging out in the parking lot of America’s Best Value in Atlanta, where we were staying for this years ProgPower waiting on Uber to come to get us to get some grub. We see a car whip in and a longhaired guy looking around and for whatever reason, we decided to see if he was our driver. As it turned out he was Eric J. Gosselin one of the guitarists of the band Fierce Atmospheres who, ironically enough, were one of the featured bands on the ProgPower sampler Glen and his people pass out for free every year. We struck up a conversation learning of his band. I mentioned I wrote album reviews for My Global Mind and just like that, upon my return home, I had the pre-release of their new album waiting for my approval. After getting caught up on some backlogged reviews and life interferences I am finally ready to tell you folks about it.

The album is called Pariahs, Misfits, and Sinners and I am here to tell you, this is a fantastic release. They’ve been around the Chicago area about 17 years now, and you can tell by listening to this album they have finely crafted their skills and the payoff is substantial. An interesting melding of Progressive and melodic Thrash meets Power Metal (think Vicious Rumors and Metal Church.) Their sound has a very Old School sound to it, the songs so well written they almost feel like classics right out of the box. Songs like “Heaven To Pay,” “Rise,” “Savior,” and “Fear the Blue Sky” are prime examples of taking some super talented musicians that also have a knack for writing. The guitar work of Gosselin and Briant Daniel and the voice of Taran DePablos were the first things that captured my ears. Gosselin and Daniel play well off of each other delighting with killer riffs and brilliant leads. DePablos’ voice is the perfect instrument for conveying these tunes, a powerful voice that also adds an extra melodic sound to the songs.

The more time I spent with Pariahs, Misfits, and Sinners the more I came to love it. I knew from the first listen I would review it, but the more I spun it the more I realized I need to review it. Fierce Atmospheres is a band I may have stumbled on at some point down the road (and actually had on at least one of the ProgPower samplers I got the last couple of years,) but they entered my main pervue at just the right time. I think this album could please a lot of metalheads out there. It hits the spots that count: great songs, great performances, and a great voice.

Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 8/10


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