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Texas Metal Outlaws – Texas Metal Outlaws Review

Released by: Heaven and Hell Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: Metal



Line Up:

Jason McMaster – Vocals
Robert Williams – Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Stuart Laurence – Guitar
Donnie Van Stavern – Bass
Cody Gilliland – Drums
Robb Bockman – Guitar
Scott Palmer – Drums
Carlos Zema – Vocals
Ross The Boss Friedman – Guitar solo
Billy Dansfiell – Bass
Mark Zammaron – Vocals
Pat Doyle – Drums
Mike Soliz – Vocals
Felix Griffin – Drums
Michael Paul Toupin – Vocals
Al Berlanga – Guitar solo
Stan Martinez – Bass
James Rivera – Vocals
Larry Barragan – Guitar solo
Stony Grantham – Bass
Orlando Logan Olivero – Vocals
Brendon Bigelow – Bass



1. Texas Metal Outlaws
2. Malt Liquor Maniac
3. Rebel Years
4. Running From the Law
5. Sounds of Scorn
6. Echoes of Memory
7. Within the Spell
8. That’s What Friends Are For


I’m a big fan of Ian Christie’s Bloody Roots show featured on the Sirius/XM Station Liquid Metal. He highlights a point in Metal history, or maybe focus on a single band whose impact is such that it monumentally changed not just the genre but the music world itself. Sometimes he has themed shows (like the recent run of Halloween inspired shows focusing on Horror Movies and Ghosts.) Other times he tackles an entire regions contribution to the Metal world, demonstrating the impact this particular section of the world had on Metal. The folks at Heaven and Hell Records are releasing a project, three years in the making, that made me think of this brilliant show. Collecting an interesting mix of musicians who call their home Texas, Robert Williams of such bands as Witches Mark and Ignitor has spearheaded the project known as Texas Metal Outlaws. Drawing from such bands as D.R.I., The Dictators, Bat, and Dangerous Toys (just to name a few) this all-star cast of performers have been thrust together to see what they can create in various line-ups.

The final product, this s/t collection of songs, is actually quite entertaining. The two biggest names attached to the project, Jason McMaster and Ross “The Boss” Friedman offer their skills to this project which will certainly appeal to their fanbase, however that doesn’t overshadow the contributions of the folks like James Rivera, Carlos Zema, Mark Zammaron, Michael Paul Toupin, Logan Orlando Perez laying down some killer vocals throughout the album, as well as musical contributions from so many other excellent musicians. Saying this is a collective work by many of Texas’ metal community is a major understatement. Though Williams was the main songwriter (and the only individual to perform on all of the tracks) he got help from many on this extensive roster of talent. With expertly penned tracks like “Rebel Years,” “Running From the Law,” “Within the Spell,” and “Texas Metal Outlaws” it is made even more intriguing to hear the songs delivered by combinations of musicians who may never have played together before. One of the things I enjoyed about this project so much was the fact that no one individual stands out beyond the other, and despite being a collection of different musicians it sounds like a cohesive unit. That is no easy task, especially when drawing into the fold members of such a diverse line-up.

Texas Metal Outlaws s/t debut is a fun and raucous celebration of the Texas Metal scene. I hope this won’t be a one-off project as it is very enjoyable from the hard-hitting “Texas Metal Outlaws” to the hilarious rendition of “That’s What Friends Are For” this is something I think could catch on to those that love good Metal delivered with a Texas state of mind. Williams did an impressive job wrangling this roster of musicians and an even better job of creating an album that is entertaining and may direct listeners to the other projects of some of these guys


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 8/10

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