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Creye – Creye Review

Released by: Frontiers Records

Release Date: Out Now!!!

Genre: AOR/Melodic Rock



Line Up:

Robin Jidhed – Lead Vocals
Andreas Gullstrand – Lead Guitar
Fredrik Joakimsson – Rhythm Guitar
Gustaf Örsta – Bass
Joel Rönning – Keyboards
Arvid Filipsson – Drums



Holding On
Nothing To Lose
Different State Of Mind
Never Too Late
All We Need Is Faith
Straight To The Top
Love Will Never Die
Still Believe In You
City Lights
Desperately Lovin’
A Better Way


I used to be a super optimistic, then I became an adult. And truth be told, after years of getting my hopes up for things only to have them dashed I realized maybe it was better to lower my expectations. And for the most part, I’ve been successful. Oh sure I still get pumped about something from time to time and try like hell to pull back, but I’ve not had too many major letdowns on those occasions. I almost did with the new Creye though. After last year’s stunning debut EP I have been super stoked about a full album. Never has three songs gotten me as excited about a new band as Straight To the Top did. There was something about it at that moment it just clicked with me, besides being kick ass songs. When I heard they were finally putting out their first full length I couldn’t help but get my hopes up.

On my first listen of the s/t album I really liked it, but it didn’t wow me as I wanted it to. I’m glad I went back and checked it out again. I think it hit me weird as I had just listened to several things, some really bad and a couple of surprises that blew me away, so I don’t think I paid much attention to it. The second time around I went straight into it and cranked it up and then I was reminded why I fell in love with these guys last year. Very much influenced by AOR and 80’s Pop Music, this album could easily have been a huge hit along with folks like Don Henley, The Fixx, and Brian Adams. If there was a better market for this sort of band they could be huge now, but for some reason, AOR gets shoved to the side as a fringe market. How one can’t get swept away by the melodic sing-along chorus’, the precise guitar work, and songs that grab hold and never let go I’ll never know. Tracks like “Christina,” “Holding On,” “City Lights,” and of course “Straight To the Top” are instant AOR classics, and if you get the Japanese edition there’s an acoustic version of “Straight To the Top” that shows how easy it is to change the vibe of a song by presenting it in a different way; taking a super upbeat song and making it more melancholy, though it still has a positive message.

If you love melodic music as much as me, Creye’s s/t should be added to your “To Purchase” List right now, if you haven’t already gotten it. How I ever doubted this album’s greatness, I’ll never know. I’ve said it before: sometimes an album catches you at the wrong time. This is why, unless it is a style I know I dislike straight out, I always go back at least once more to see if how I heard it the first time was my real feelings. I anticipated this to be an Album of the Year for me, and it still could take the lead. The jury is still out on that. But Album of the Year or not, this is still an amazing album.


Written by: Chris Martin

Ratings: 9/10


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