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Doyle Live at Green Bay Distillery, Aswabenaun, WI. 11-1-18


Live Photos and Gig Review Credit: Dave Burke (Photographer/Live Gig reporter)



Former Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein brought his ghoulish visage and “AS WE DIE World Abomination” Tour to The Green Bay Distillery a mere day after Halloween to give the locals a taste of his unique brand of metal.

Preceded by Green Bay’s own Hot Carl and Evade The Enemy, Doyle lead his eponymous band to the stage at approximate 9:15 and pummeled the roughly 200 attendees for the next hour with selections from 2013’s “Abominator” and 2017’s “Doyle II: As We Die”, leading off with the explosive “Abominator.

Conspicuously absent from the set were the Misfits’ classics the band had performed on previous outings. While nothing has been announced it would seem the omission of Misfits material as well as Doyle’s name from the promotion of upcoming Misfits reunion shows would suggest a cooling in the guitarist’s relationship with his former bandmates, at least for now.

Doyle himself is undoubtedly the star of the show, due in part to his musical lineage, but also his unique “monster man” character, signature “devil’s lock” hairstyle and imposing physical presence. A notorious workout fiend and outspoken vegan, Doyle’s lean muscular frame stomped across the stage like his adopted namesake, delivering rapid-fire downstrokes and hammering out riffs as he brutally pounded his custom-made guitar with his clenched fist.

Though he may not take top billing, vocalist and songwriter Alex “Wolfman” Story is a critical ingredient to DOYLE’S music and live performance.

His Wolfman meets Wolverine appearance and the myriad of tattoos paying tribute to his musical journey, including the now famous logos of Samhain, Black Flag, King Diamond, his own band Cancerslug, and even a caricature of both Doyle and himself as Beavis and Butthead respectively, compliment Doyle’s own imposing image. Story puts his all into every song, sweating profusely as he throws himself about, crawling to the edge of the stage to sing out every lyrical tale of death, destruction, and mayhem into the face of those clustered up front.

In what has become a much-loved part of Story’s between-song stage banter almost every number is preceded by the declaration “this a love song and you can dance to it if you want to” delivered in his deadpan Alabama drawl. Propelling this potent cocktail of trash, doom metal and horror punk forward is the rhythm section of bassist Brandon Strate and drummer Wade Murff.

While shorter than some band’s set, DOYLE delivers a high energy, groove-filled and melodic night of hard driving music, that should appeal to hard rock, metal, and punk fans alike. Head over to for upcoming tour dates and all things Doyle.

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