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Zombie Met Girl – Super Atomic Werewolf Chicks On Motor Cycles review

Genre: Garage, Surf, Punk, Psychobilly

Label: Roulette Media

Release Date: 25th January 2019


  • Mail Order Bride
  • I’m So Sick
  • I Don’t Wanna Live Like That
  • Coming For You
  • Undead Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Super Atomic Werewolf Chicks on Motorcycles
  • We’re in 1984
  • Last Night At The Lunar Cafe
  • Trash
  • Black Rabbit
  • No More
  • Oblivion


  • Nicky Danger (vocals),
  • Tim Cross (bass guitar),
  • Frazer Horton (guitar)
  • Steve Ford (drums)

Zombie Met Girl have already ‘self-released’ two albums, played Bearded Theory (and are set to again this year), appeared in Classic Rock and also played Rebellion 2018. Not bad start to 2019 for a band that’s completely new to me yet seems to tick all of the boxes for musical styles that I can appreciate.

A true psychobilly / punk sound filters through on the opening track, ‘Mail Order Bride’ with the follow up, ‘I’m So Sick’ comfortably maintaining the vibe the band wish to portray. The twists and influences then appear on the sleeves of the four band members arms with ‘I Don’t Wanna Live Like That’  being one of the best tracks that the Ramones never managed to write. Similarly, ‘Coming For You’ wouldn’t feel out of place on a Cramps album.

The experience of the album, with the band name and album title certainly giving a lot away, is that of a 50’s drive-in movie and the late night creature feature double bills that would appear across America. Those features have themselves been the source of countless classic horror movies over the years as well. Maintaining that imagery, the ominous horror tinged songs ooze atmosphere and the distinctive vocal style from Nicky Danger will make you want to do the monster mash as much as it will entice you to howl at the moon.

The styles combine perfectly on the album’s title track, an unabashed two and a half minute thrash along fuzz fest that will hopefully see crowds at venues descend into heaving moshpits as it’s a song that deserves to be heard live.

Infectious is definitely a word to be used here and ZMG are one of those bands that manage to maintain the sound, style and look across all of the tracks. Looking at the info around the self released previous albums, the band are committed to their art and there’s definitely a place for them in what is often a criminally overlooked genre. A tour with the likes of Ghoultown wouldn’t go amiss as both offer similar yet markedly different music to fans and that pairing would likely go down a storm.

The band will launch the album by performing at The Grapes Wine Bar in Gravesend, Kent on Friday 25th January: More info about the venue can be obtained here:

SCORE: 8/10

REVIEW: Adrian Hextall

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