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Label: Independent

Genre: Classic Rock

Release Date: February 2nd 2019


Mark Pascall

Ben Brookland

Matty Clements

Track Listing:

Come On

Soul Shaker

All The Way

Let Her Down Easy


I’ve held off from reviewing this e.p. for a week or so simply because something kept nagging the back of my brain about the five songs on offer. Something about them kept triggering memories of ‘I can’t remember what’, yet there was an underlying sense of ‘we’ve not heard music like this for some time….’ and ‘…. the [forgotten] band haven’t released music for such a long time and as such, Departed really are a welcome breath of fresh air. Wracking my brain for the answer I continually drew a blank, I blame the bad company that I’ve been keeping of late! Dammit who does this remind me of?

Anyway, with that nagging thought lodged firmly in my mind, Departed’s latest e.p. delivers a real rock ‘n’ roll fantasy. It’s a perfect follow up to their debut e.p. Opening track ‘Come On’ with the cracking first line of “Wake Up , Read All About It” really encourages the listener to invest in the band with Pascall’s voice offering the perfect velvety classic British blues rock that this country seems to have a wonderful knack of producing.

By the time ‘Soul Shaker’ comes on, I simply can’t get enough, the jangling guitar paired with a memorable riff works wonders as Pascall asks us to “stand up for what you believe.” A catchy hook in the chorus lodges the song firmly in the brain. It’s an ideal workout song, carrying the energy needed if you’re flagging when out with the local jogging club and need to be able to run with the pack.

A thundering groove laden intro opens ‘All The Way’ and the melody and licks will result in the dancing blood in your veins kicking in and the hips will likely start to sway. It’s got swagger by the bucket load and it’s now three out of three as far as showing different styles and approaches to the music. Did I already say I can’t get enough? I did? I must be running out of ideas…

If you’re ready for love or simply feel like makin’ love, then the appropriate music to get your significant other in the mood might well be needed. However in life, relationships do go wrong and the fourth track on offer ‘Let Her Down Easy’ with its southern blues harmonies shows a softer, more considered side to the band. It’s also a song that needs to get airplay in the US as it could easily see their profile rise considerably. They’ll need more than an e.p. or two to make inroads in the US, tracks like this will be the equivalent of a shooting star, burning hot and bright for a moment before the audiences demand more but the songs on offer suggest much more is to come from the talented four piece.

‘Remedy’ closes the e.p. and the five tracks really give a great insight on what we can expect from the band going forward. The perfect blend of British classic rock mixed with US rock steady, radio friendly music does as I say remind me of ….. aarrgggghhh I give up.

Long and short, I love this… answers on a postcard if you can tell me the name of the other lot, every time I think I have it, it seems to simply fade away.

Score 8/10

Review by: Adrian Hextall

10 Mar: Winterstorm Festival (Planet Rock), Dorset
27 Apr: Muni Arts Centre, Pontypridd w/ Those Damn Crows
12 Oct: Communion of Rock Festival, Pontypridd

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